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Open windows type "%appdata%" and create the "Superpowers" folder yourself :D

THANK YOU SO MUCH finally I can get started really appreciate it, btw I have the super mega assets pack downloaded how do I use them?

so I downloaded superpowers through my phone because my pc's unable to connect to the internet lately. I already downloaded superpowers core and game but Im not sure where to place them, but it seems I have to download superpowers.json. when I start up the server first where can I download it and where do I place it?

I cant download it because my pc doesnt have internet(I downloaded superpowers through my phone) is there a way I can download it seperately and manually install it? I already downloaded the superpowers stystem and core seperately

ok I double clicked my server (even though theres no internet) it seem I have to download supepowers.json.

Ok the problem here is that the folder is only there when I run Superpowers for the first time, however when I closed it AND THEN added the contents of the core and game. When I start up superpowers nothing happens, its just the dashboard, I press start nothing happens same with settings

Ok cant find it ;-;

;-; Im on windows, thanks anyway I think I can wing it.....maybe

Where can I find the final folder is it the game directory itself?

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I'be been looking at this for half and hour now and its still not done. Does it need internet to install? Cause my PC hasnt able to connect to the internet lately, I downloaded superpowers through my phone.

HAHAHA I can't wait, also please costumization XD

Oohh and maybe suicidal bots that explode when you make them disabled/unable to fight or slice the middle of their chest

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So I saw the news for the next update and I am really excited XD also gave mea few ideas.

So first I saw the enemy that focuses on speed, so I thought, what about a heavy type of enemy, like he's really big maybe give him a shield too so the player has to try and get around the enemy to strike his back(which could be also armored to make it a bit difficult). Next is a enemy that buffs the others enemies close to it like maybe making them faster or better at blocking.

I remember you said you were gonna add weapons that will have advantages and disadvantages, I was thinking you should make all these future weapons energy based with a fairly large consumption rate so the player will always be forced to switch weapons

Lastly is most players(including myself) of the game always challenge themselves usually by things like finishing the levels without any upgrades or even clones, so having upgrades to make the game easier or your character stronger isn't really such a huge or important idea(except for unlocking weapons). I thought you should let the players spend the points for looks instead of performance. Like you should add things for making your robot/human look good for the players to spend. Maybe a color change, a pair of holographic wings, horns, sword trails, particle effects, or maybe even reconstruct a dismembered limb. They shouldn't affect the human's performance, it should be all for looks.

I mean let's admit it, we all let'd the bot cut off our arm or leg at least once, just to look like a badass gladiator who won through battles with only one arm or leg

Reading this on my birthday......its amazing, and got me some new suggestions XD, and I like how tall spidertron 6000 is(or at least that how it looks like) I loved cutting spidertron5000's legs but his head could easily be reached with a jump

I notice how you guys add particle effects that fly off when a chunk gets sliced off, so I thought maybe the game could have something like blood or oil or whatever robot fluid that fling out like blood effect.

Can they also stay on your character, that would be so cool like you cut a bot down and then their "blood" is all over you, it would look cool if that said blood would stay and not disappear(except for the blood on the floor which the green flying bots would then clean up). Can we leave that then as a feature that could be turn on or off though, for those who prefer performance over graphics quality

forcing the player to not be able to stick to one weapon only......yay!

When I saw the spidertron I thought it was awesome, but when I found out you could just hack it cut it down till it dies(or just slash its eye) that was the best thing ever

Can we have like giant machines in the game like spidertron, no quicktime events, "hit its weak spot until it goes down so you can finally damage it!" Crap. Just same as spidertron cutting him down, but bigger and creepier,

Maybe like a giant centipede or put the bow to use by adding a giant bumblebee in the game

And will it be possible to add no other weapon? The fact that you only have these two to use just makes the game more fun with the challenge-ish

now that I think about it why wasnt there a level where you fight lots of combat archers the ones that could use swords all at once like the swordsmen or the archers?

Heck yeah XD no worries, my pc isready hahaha, but yeah its just so satisfying to see so many dismembered corpses on the field and you're like the the last man standing and then you see another army coming towards you

So what I really love about the game is the dismemberment.

Can the game maybe have a war like situation or level where you fight HUNDREDS of different robots or maybe have a level where there will be a machine that continuously generates robots, so you have to cut your way through hundreds of robots until you reach the machine and finally destroy it to stop the cloning/robot generating

Can we have something like that in the game?