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Could not download

A topic by nabeelaejaz created Aug 30, 2016 Views: 962 Replies: 7
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Hi. I am unable to start the server as when I double click on it this error message shows:
Could not download

Please guide. Thank you.

As far as i know, that means there is no server running at your localhost on port 4237, if you are using the Superpowers App there is a message at the bottom left part of the app which can say Server starting/stopped/running. and two button next to that (start/stop and settings), so the first will be. Are you sure your server is running? if not, try to click the start button and if it doesn't work either, click on settings button it should open the settings page with a log that can help to see what is happening.

Here is the screenshot of the settings page: http://imgur.com/a/0q3xA


Well, the log says it can't find SupEngine which is part of the Game System, so i will suggest you go to C:\Users\NABEEL\AppData\Roaming\Superpowers and inside that folder you should have some folders named core/ and systems/, delete those folders and reopen Superpowers so it can download the package again

Yes, Thank you. I deleted the Superpowers and SuperpowersApp folders in the Roaming Directory and that did the job. Thank you once again.

Just ran into this issue today. For me, it was caused by duplicating a project. It freaks out because each project has its own manifest.json in its root folder that needs a unique "id." Give it a unique id in the manifest and it'll stop that error from showing up.

I cant download it because my pc doesnt have internet(I downloaded superpowers through my phone) is there a way I can download it seperately and manually install it? I already downloaded the superpowers stystem and core seperately

@SparedRay do you know how to do this for Mac OS X Sierra ?