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[HELP PLEASE]Stuck at "superpowers game system is being installed" screen for half an hour now

A topic by Frostbitee created Oct 28, 2016 Views: 353 Replies: 9
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I'be been looking at this for half and hour now and its still not done. Does it need internet to install? Cause my PC hasnt able to connect to the internet lately, I downloaded superpowers through my phone.

First time you run Superpowers it will download the superpowers core and superpowers game system, you can download them separetly and put them on the final folder. (or at least it should work that way)

Where can I find the final folder is it the game directory itself?

It depends on your OS, in linux is '.config/Superpowers/systems/' but on windows or mac have no idea. you could use a folder finder function and look where your OS have a folder called 'Superpowers'

;-; Im on windows, thanks anyway I think I can wing it.....maybe

Ok cant find it ;-;

check here (if exist) C:\Users\"YOUR USER"\AppData\Roaming\Superpowers

Ok the problem here is that the folder is only there when I run Superpowers for the first time, however when I closed it AND THEN added the contents of the core and game. When I start up superpowers nothing happens, its just the dashboard, I press start nothing happens same with settings

ok I double clicked my server (even though theres no internet) it seem I have to download supepowers.json.

well actualy how do i install and run this on linux ubutu

plz help