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uncraftable hammer

A topic by darkmoon222 created Feb 25, 2017 Views: 1,275 Replies: 6
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can't make hammer i make sword with 2 ingots or 3 ingots

left click em when they are hot and no hammer option only styles...

Hey darkmoon222, i had the same problem. Before u hammer the Ingots into it'S shape u have to press "Z" on the anvil and change what head u want. If u wont do that the shape will always be any style of sword.

tnx :D

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i still get an issue where the radial menu doesnt switch between modes no matter what i try.

it does work for a time, but randomly stops switching***

Occasionally you have to click on the icon of the weapon you're trying to make a couple of time before it will finally "click".

I can't click/ select a weapon in the radial menu. the selections don't light up either

plz help game unplayable because of this

Do you have 2 or 3 ingots on anvil?