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If you tried it let me know how your empire is doing with one (or more) less care. Is it thriving, or struggling?

When you change anything in the text file, it will freeze up for a few seconds to a minute. This is normal.

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Now then, using clues that I've pieced together from this post, "", I have created a front-to-back guide on how to get an insanely high amount of resources.

At some parts, this guide may seem a little bit advanced, but don't worry, if you get confused, just tell me and I'll answer any questions.

1. Locate your save file or create a new save file in the following location. I highly suggest that you create a new save file just in case something messes up. My save file is located at C:>Users>[My Account Name]>AppData>Roaming>itch>apps>Autonauts

To easily get to that folder, go into the launcher, click on Autonauts (Don't launch Autonauts). This should bring you to it's main page. From here, in the bottom right corner you will see a button labeled "Show local files" to the right of a folder icon. Click on this. Now you're at the place where your cheated save will be.

Just in case I wasn't clear in the first bit of this step, if your save file is located here, great, if not, create a new one here. To create a new one, just make a .txt (text) file and call it whatever you want.

2. Launch Autonauts. This is so Autoonauts will add actual code to the file you created. When Autonauts opens, hit the "escape" key (Esc) and select "Load". Navigate through the (I use windows, so C:) icon on the left-most side of the pop-up window. Navigate through all the folders to where the .txt file you created is located. Once you find it, open it. When it opens, save the game. After you save, create at least one Storage Crate and place a log inside it (or one of them). Then save again and then exit.

3. This is the longest part; go back to your .txt file and open it (This might take a while to load all the text). Once you're in it, don't scroll down. You should see five options in the top left corner, "File", "Edit", "Format", "View", and "Help". Click on "Edit". In the pop-up window, click "Find...". This will open another pop-up window that will ask you what you want to find. Type "Log" and make sure that "Down" is selected and not "Up". Click "Find Next" until you find "Log" highlighted under (depending on the size of the text window and monitor) several lines of zeros with a few ones depending on how much of the map you've discovered. You should see something that looks like this:

"Resources": {ResourceTypes":["Log"],"ResourceCount":[1],

If you have more Storage Crates filled with different items, you will see more items and more numbers in the ResourceTypes and in the ResourceCount. You can change or add various resource types as long as you add an appropriate amount of ResourceCount numbers to pair.

Such as (x being a resource of your choice and y being a number of your choice):

"Resources": {ResourceTypes":["Log","x","x","x"],"ResourceCount":[1,y,y,y]

Various items can be found a couple lines below this for x (Make sure you don't add blueprints as I'm not sure what happens), and y can be anything from 0 to 999999999 (Nine nine's).

4. Save the file and start up your game. If you added more resource types than the amount of storages you made, that's entirely fine, just make more storages and add the appropriate item and they'll automatically fill up with the resources you programmed.

Have fun!

EDIT: You can change those zeros in the lines above to ones if you want to discover the whole map.

I believe that is what's happening. I just recently found another post with this same glitch (The really long, two glitch post), so it's not just me. When you say have the checkbox clear, stupid question, do you mean clear clear, or like checked and ready sort of clear?

I found a glitch where, if you are mass producing almost anything, at some point, the autonaut might try to use the result to try to make the result. E.g. I have autonauts mass producing metal, (I've checked the code many times to see if it is on my end, but it's not) occasionally they'll glitch out and somehow be trying to make metal using metal. More specifically, the instructions are Add Charcoal>Add Ore>Grab Nearest Metal>Place in Storage>Repeat but they somehow are holding metal, and thus stopping, before they even add the ore. If the storage is full they should just wait, not continue with the process. Even if they did continue with the process, they would stop before they even add the charcoal. Is this a glitch, or am I just not noticing a bug in my code?


Same, it works pretty well. I only miss about one in ten people when doing this. (I read this to myself and it sounded sarcastic, I'm not being sarcastic)

Alas, it didn't work. I think it might have something to do with my dad's throttle stick (for his flight sims) overwriting some of my keyboard commands. I'll check that out. But, thanks anyway!

Sure! I really do like the game though when it doesn't do that. Keep up the good work!

I don't know if it's just my keyboard, but when I enter a world, I just slide to the left. If I look somewhere else I keep sliding to my new left. I can't play the game.

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Add anything in the game that isn't already in the wiki (please stay on topic).

Please only add things that are in the game and no penises.

First off, not a personal attack. And second, I wasn't sure if you actually knew that it's not all the game. You'd be surprised how many people don't know that's a thing.

Cool! My cat's birthday and update around the same time!

Same as before, when will 0.0.8 come out?

And as well, there are cabinets in the shop.

And even so, you might be able to run Overwatch fine because you had enough space to run it. Either delete some things to clear up memory, or UPGRADE!!!

Seriously, my (not even a gaming focused) LAPTOP can run this at 60fps on max settings. So maybe it's time to upgrade.

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Still "Mr. Smartass", if your computer can't run this on the lowest settings, maybe it's your potato of a computer. You can do game development, but you sure as hell can't think for yourself.

Straight outta Compton.

Actually, I think this IS the final version of the house. In 0.0.8 you will be able to buy bigger houses though.

I have answers to both of your questions. For the lag issue, go into the pause menu and go into graphics. From there you can set them to the best thing your computer can handle. For the boxes, there are boxes outside that are the same size as the delivery boxes, they also have the top removed so you can put stuff in them.

That happens to me, you just need to pull up the main menu, hit save (unless you were doing something you don't want to save), and then quit the game and restart it. The name will stay, just it takes some time to do.

I don't play with inverted controls, but I see how you can get very annoyed with that.

The thing is is you're mad, and he already has these things. Double check your source of information.

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Not sure if this is a complaint or a suggestion, but the charisma perk (once you get up to the higher level metals) gives you relatively no money. could you make it where it bonuses not 1 dollar per level, but maybe 10% of the ingot price? (0.0.72)

Oh, hype makes things good. NO MAN'S SKY WAS SHIT AND PAID 60 BUCKS FOR IT!!

Okay, I did derp on that Canada/French thing.

Yeah, if it isn't bugged.

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Or making it so it WILL cut through enemies. Half the time I find a mk:3 Hammer bot I use my jetpack, sideswipe into him, and it just cuts through part of him and drags him with. This gets me killed too many times.

You mean translator. A traductor is an arm on a train that picks up bags without stopping the train. Anyway, he won't need one because he is only targeting America/Canada.

When using the anvil, press "z" to bring up a create wheel. This allows you to select what type of weapon (blunt or blade) you want to make with the next use.

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You do get a signal that you clicked it, if you try actually doing **** in the menu instead instantly complaining in the forums you find that it actually gets colorized AND magnified... tryhard...

I have this glitch too, just except instead of it happening when I sleep, it happens when I exit the game. I haven't tried this yet, but I think you can just dip the entire weapon(s) into the water instead of taking them apart to dip the blade in. However I haven't tried that so you might just have to take them apart to cool them. Or you might just be able to sell them like that.

Unfortunately vb is right. :(

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I'll try to remember to let you know when Dasius adds that feature :)

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And that's where my plan fails, I don't have a facebook account. However, I don't think it will take long to create one.

Also, I really love your game. My birthday just rolled around and my grandparents absolutely spoil me. So... yeah... big donation...

Like seriously, I need help... this game... it's too much fun... I LOVE IT!!! I think it's because all I've played for the longest time are shooters such as COD and Halo, this is just so different... it's unbelievably fun! It's like eating salad all your life then getting the BIGGEST, most DELICIOUS ice-cream ever!

Occasionally you have to click on the icon of the weapon you're trying to make a couple of time before it will finally "click".

I'll try to replicate that, if it works, then it's definitely a bug.

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Before you smash the ingots, but after you place them on the anvil, press "Z". This will bring up a wheel menu in which you click on what type of weapon you want to make. It has a shield icon, but you cannot click on that now because it will be implemented in a future update. There is also GIANT text on the wall next to the furnace telling you to do this and to NOT freak out. But I guess if you didn't see that you didn't see that.