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The Armory

A topic by Cynothus created Feb 13, 2017 Views: 325 Replies: 8
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This is an idea to change the way you get weapons at the beginning of the game.

First you spawn, get assembled, shot out, etc... But without your sword. Instead of going to battle, you choose your first weapon for that specific human, THEN go to battle. of course, you can go back the armory, and spend your upgrade point there if you wish.

With this, you can do bow only runs, hammer only runs, and it would free up some space in the upgrade tree. (also make room for more weapons in the future)

So, Whaddya think? (Please take this seriously)

I don't know if community support will help your idea, but I support it.

cool idea :D

i like it

I've seen something like this mentioned once or twice... sounds fun :)


It's an interesting idea! I think removing the sword as the default weapon might happen at some point.

Maybe once more weapons are introduced this is a possible direction to go in

I think this kills a little the fast placed matchesas you have to select it. I think is better if you select the default weapon in upgrade bot,... for the next human


it would destroy a little bit of the "AH WHATS HAPPENING" feeling you get when you first start playing.

Straight outta Compton.