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What do i do when i make a model with MagicaVoxel or Qubicle?

A topic by Nuggetonio created Oct 25, 2016 Views: 598 Replies: 5
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When someone makes a model for the game does he have to animate it and send something to you or post a picture with what the model is supposed to do?

Posting a picture is fine! :)

Designing enemies that go in the game is a complex task, so even if we LOVED a thing you did we'll probably not put it into the game. We might look at it for inspiration though, and other players can marvel at your cool creations!


I'm building my creations in qubicle so you can just download the file and edit it straight into qubicle. Also the one I am currently working on has multiple matrixes so you can animate it also many or all of mine will have multiple matrixes for animating.

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Thanks that is all i needed to know i'll keep working on ideas.By the way i think this game is awesome and will probably be a big hit in future updates and especially when it comes out on Steam!Keep up the good work.

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Can we also make weapons instead of new characters?

yes, make whatever you want! :)