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A member registered Oct 23, 2016

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As soon as the fire update came out I thought it would be great if there was an acid, electric and water update. The water being the last because it is deadly to robots. That's it maybe the community could come up with enemies to go with the updates or I could create them with Qubicle if this is a popular enough suggestion.

It would look like the 2d Doborog that is your profile pic and when you start up the game but it would be 3d and would bite, slash you in half with its tail and possibly have laser eyes. The circles on the 2d one could be spheres on the one in game. Possibly could sit down every once and a while to bark which would give you and opportunity to slash at it but its tail could kill you if you go behind him. Or it could be the other way around, maybe when he barks he barks at you which launches you backwards. The doborog would be pretty big but not too big lets say maybe as big as Spidertron-5000.

There should be a boss... which is Doborog... which would be amazing.

This bug I know has been reported before but I will report it again because I was on level 15 and was doing very well and this bug happened. So basically I die I am now a new clone but my game is lagging ridiculously 1 fps, I somehow get on the elevator and go up to see that Spidertron 6000 is shiting out bombs like diarrhea and everything is dead... including me... which is very frustrating!!!

My friend bought the game and played but now the new update is out so... he tries to login so he can update the game but it does not recognize his email so he cannot login or get the game. Basically he paid for version 1.4 and that's it.

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My highest is level 16. I did not really have a strategy... just fight!!!!!! Also I got this score on my 6th try!

I was playing in endless mode when the text "The Bronze Tier is not that hard" appeared but the commentators did not say that... nor did they say anything ever again and the message just stayed their. I think the commentators died. R.I.P Commantatron and Analysis Bot

I was thinking that if there was more complex level designs (there should be) you could run on walls and slice enemies head's of while wall running. (Wall running would be an upgrade)

I was able to jump until I got on the ceiling and could move around!? Also after you beat the last enemy and the force field is disabled I was able to fall down and climb back out and into the arena by spamming the jump button!?!?

I cannot wait for endless mode. It will make the game so much harder :)

I have a desktop and my specs are.

Intel i5-4440 3.1 ghz

Asus GTX 970 Turbo

DDR3 8 gb

500w Power Supply

I'm wondering if... after this game is complete and on the most lag intensive level will my computer run at 60+ fps on highest graphics?

This one time I was using the upgrade machine and as it upgraded me my robot quickly floated to the left but when the machine threw me back it was fine again.

Thank you! I am loving this game even at such an early state and cannot wait for the other updates! :)

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I have created a mini version of Spidertron that has a sack on the back of its head to store the green acid that is spews at the player. The acid should melt/disintegrate the player, but not instantly (after a few hits). The Spidertron Mini has a full interior, for when it is cut up (so you can see the acid on the inside and the brain). Also the Spidertron Mini should move quickly.

Spidertron Mini.qbcl: http://www.filedropper.com/spidertronmini

You should be able to upgrade the arrow velocity

Thank you :)

Ok. Also do you know how to add photos straight into the post? (Instead of a link)

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Also I finished a concept art. Its in the fan art category.

I didn't lose my arm.

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Sometimes I cannot equip the bow and I have to beat the level and then I can use the bow again in the next level. Also if I equip the sword while aiming the bow the wouldn't shoot.

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These are the two mechs I created, the Light Armored Mech and the Heavy Armored Mech.

The light armored mech is supposed to take more than one hit unlike all of the other mechs which I usually cut in half with one hit.(same for the armored mech) Also the Heavy Armored Mech should be slower than the normal enemies and have a different sword (a bigger one). Also I suggested a dodge roll and this could possibly used to dodge the Heavy Armored Mech's heavy horizontal attacks. (cannot be blocked, must be dodged) P.S The Heavy Armored Mech should not jump. One last thing, I think the feet should probably be a bit wider.

Light Armored Mech= Approximately 2-3 Horizontal Attacks to kill.

Heavy Armored Mech= Approximately 4-5 Horizontal Attacks to kill.

#1 Light_Armored_Mech.qbcl: http://www.filedropper.com/lightarmoredmech

#2 Heavy_Armored_Mech.qbcl: http://www.filedropper.com/heavyarmoredmech

To dodge you would press the q and e keys to roll either left or right. This could be used in so many different ways such as dodging arrows, bombs and swords and also for attacking eg: rolling in front of your enemy and slashing them.

I'm building my creations in qubicle so you can just download the file and edit it straight into qubicle. Also the one I am currently working on has multiple matrixes so you can animate it also many or all of mine will have multiple matrixes for animating.

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Definitely go for Steam Greenlight! On October 28th. And then go to early access because early access games are advertised a lot on Steam. (Same for Greenlight)

Yes exactly

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Tomahawks, javelins, grenades, impact grenades etc. That can be thrown instantly with a press of a button so you do not have to equip them first like the bow. Example G to throw grenade.

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Also I am interested in the development process of the game and how long it takes to do certain things such as animations, game mechanics and robot models. Or how long does it take to make one enemy such as Spidertron-5000 altogether. Also the order that you do things (steps)

As I was writing this suggestion I was thinking exactly what you just said. And I totally agree that the weapons would be very generic and that all of the robots would have genitals. It's the same thing in Blockstorm every 4th character I see is a penis with arms and legs so yeah there would definitely be a lot of genitals. I have been working with 3 different voxel editors to create concept art for robots and progress is very slow so I may post some concept art soonish maybe. I first posted this suggestion before I saved all 5 humans and after playing for a while I realized that the game was very fun as it is but is easy after you get a hang of it. The first 3 times I beat the mark 3 combat robot I cut him in half with the first hit. So the AI needs to be adjusted/improved. For example in the stage with 8 mark 2 fighting robots they all did the same thing. They all ran straight towards me, it would be cool if they could circle around you than strike when they felt was best and stuff like that. Also a stab attack would be cool.=) I am very interested with this game and I will think of more suggestions and make concept art in either qubicle, VoxelShop or MagickVoxel

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Needs a level editor where you can make traps out of voxels like Blockstorm except with more functionality (not just the skin). Same for enemies and your own clones. Game should be much more complex in the character creation side of things such as eventually making big mech robots with rocket launchers and machine guns. Again it would be made voxel by voxel but you can create and save weapons to attach to your robots, (same for enemies in the level editor). Also this would turn the game into less of a hardcore (you only live once and then you restart to a, look at my robot kind of game. Which you could use this robot to do different things and not just the simple basic robot. I probably have more to say but... I'll just start with this. I know all of this is very hard to implement but... I believe it would be way worth it. I hope you take my suggestions into consideration. Thank You! P.S have many gamemodes and not just all the stuff that I suggested.=)