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There needs to be a Doborog boss!

A topic by Zeznax created Nov 03, 2016 Views: 420 Replies: 9
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There should be a boss... which is Doborog... which would be amazing.

This is the fan art forum. What would it look like?? :D


It would look like the 2d Doborog that is your profile pic and when you start up the game but it would be 3d and would bite, slash you in half with its tail and possibly have laser eyes. The circles on the 2d one could be spheres on the one in game. Possibly could sit down every once and a while to bark which would give you and opportunity to slash at it but its tail could kill you if you go behind him. Or it could be the other way around, maybe when he barks he barks at you which launches you backwards. The doborog would be pretty big but not too big lets say maybe as big as Spidertron-5000.



also the emperor could be it's pet robot xD

Just saying it can't get laser eyes because the dog in the profile pic is barking electricity so replace it with my idea.

That sounded mean in my head.


Its not laser eyes, its a laser mouth! It starts barking a lot to generate enough electricity to power the beam! That's also your cue to get out of the dog's-- uh... rog's way!


The nice thing is, this actually fits the game (robots and stuff)!

This could totally be a thing.



plz indeed


DO IT!!... just DO IT!!!- Shia Labeouf