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I had a 404 error as well. How did you get the steam key?

Just one thing: spider-tron and archers ARE basically already turrets. I like the other stuff!

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If you're moving this game to steam, you might want to check out the steam workshop for this sort of thing. It is basically a system for sharing user-generated content completely built into steam.

The last part... sadly so true

The nice thing is, this actually fits the game (robots and stuff)!

This could totally be a thing.


Even without sharing, just having an editor would be awesome!

I think that this could be a neat feature, and it would make sense... but it is not necessary. I would focus on gameplay before aesthetics. Still, I hope this ends up being added!

Time slowing would also make everything look really EPIC. :P

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One thing (Just personal opinion) about clone upgrades. I understand the limit you gave them, so that people can't just play infinitely, but it seems to me that it feels a little forced. What I would do is make it so you can have infinite clones, but each one costs 2 upgrade points. That would Allow people who are happy with what upgrades they have to continue spending points, but not get a clone every level. Just a thought, and it would be cool if you'd consider it.

Just a comment: Doborog games is probably the best and most encouraging game developer I've ever seen about taking people's ideas into consideration. That is a very awesome service you are doing this corner of the internet. I salute you!

What I was thinking (just for example): Every bot has a certain amount of points attached to it based on how hard it is. The more points a level has total, the higher its tier.

(Still just for example):

< or = 500 points - Bronze Tier

501-1000 points - Silver Tier

1001-1500 points - Gold Tier

1501-2000 points - Diamond Tier

2001-2500 points - Titanium Tier

> 2500 points - Just... Don't Tier

Again just an idea, but thought I would share! :D

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I personally believe a level editor would be AWESOME for this game, Especially if you could upload or share levels. Maybe levels are ranked by tier based on how many bots they have. It would be a ton of fun!