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New Gamemode (Sandbox Mode)

A topic by Dootbook created Nov 21, 2016 Views: 360 Replies: 10
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There should be a sandbox game mode.

This mode would include things like making custom levels and infinite skill points just to try out starts of just general massing about.


Many people have suggested this! It is a strong contender for a major new feature next year.


Totally agree

If there is a level editor, you should be able to spawn in commentator-bot and statistics bot


it's commentatron and analysis-bot



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I personally believe a level editor would be AWESOME for this game, Especially if you could upload or share levels. Maybe levels are ranked by tier based on how many bots they have. It would be a ton of fun!


What I was thinking (just for example): Every bot has a certain amount of points attached to it based on how hard it is. The more points a level has total, the higher its tier.

(Still just for example):

< or = 500 points - Bronze Tier

501-1000 points - Silver Tier

1001-1500 points - Gold Tier

1501-2000 points - Diamond Tier

2001-2500 points - Titanium Tier

> 2500 points - Just... Don't Tier

Again just an idea, but thought I would share! :D


Even without sharing, just having an editor would be awesome!


yeah, the super cool version of this would have a rating system and some sort of list of levels people have made.
Maybe Steam marketplace supports this kind of thing? Needs investigation.

Could also string some levels together to form a Challenge, rather than just playing individual ones. Maybe let you control what upgrades are available or pre-selected at the start of it.

I think there's a ton of potential here to get a lot of cool content in circulation, even if half the user-generated levels will look like penises. :)

The last part... sadly so true

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If you're moving this game to steam, you might want to check out the steam workshop for this sort of thing. It is basically a system for sharing user-generated content completely built into steam.