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New Enemy Ideas

A topic by SayoriTheIcePhoenix created Dec 01, 2016 Views: 406 Replies: 17
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I accidentally deleted the other topic lol

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Can't access! You could change it to Anyone with the link - Can View?

Or just copy paste it in here. :)

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PD7Le5IFWlO7f_TbQoQ1SQDxWisQTCAVrOCLqJI1dXM/edit?usp=sharing tell me if it works sorry tho lol

these are good ideas maybe we can have enemy characters here some ideas 455-455-1N, ironclad and stealmelter, AG3NT 5M1TH (that robot gets sucked into a black hole to an alternate universe AKA the matrix universe) and more

Put a comment idea and I'll add it and put the category to

  • Robot Ideas
  • Gamemode Ideas
  • Trap Ideas
  • Other

Just one thing: spider-tron and archers ARE basically already turrets. I like the other stuff!

Well if they could move away and try to get distance that would be cool and I also gave Erik the idea of thickening the tip of the legs to see if that works and if it does that yay :D then the turrets could be added

Nice list! :D I like how many ideas there are floating about.


this isn't really required, but i'd like a power kick on the kick upgrade line which would allow kicks to kill. SO IMAGINE HOW AWESOME IT WOULD BE TO JUMP AND KICK A SPIDER-TRON 5000 IN ITS UGLY FACE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH :)


That would be pretty neat. I've been toying with the idea of an upgrade that has a certain chance at knocking whatever body part you're kicking off. :P

Jumping into the air and kicking someone's head off would be EPIC!

mor rekt'd-ness

I'm imagining that this armor (separate post) would most likely be deployed on a new enemy type: The Spider-tron 7000, the 7000 would have two eyes, two bows (side-mounted), one Zero G Grenade cannon (separate post), the armor, and six legs. This new enemy would most likely be deployed around wave 20. The Zero G Grenade cannon plus the two Side-mounted Bows would be a lethal combination; thus it appearing at wave 20.

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wait... (fast forward a few years from now) a spider-tron which actually has 8 eyes! lel this will probably never be added because it would be neigh impossible to defeat :)

also what about a spider-tron brood mother which shoots out mini spider-trons

Yeah, those could be other spidertron varients. The brood one might be a pain though.

well it could have a small chance to spit out a mini spider-tron, and otherwise would shoot out a bomb

Yeah, that sounds a lot better.