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Have YOU reached the Titanium Difficulty?

A topic by Doborog Games created Oct 28, 2016 Views: 1,187 Replies: 47
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I haven't in the newest build yet, but I've been busy writing blog posts. :P

If you got there, tell us what your strategy is!
What upgrades did you get? How do you avoid death??

If you cant make it then I don't think any of us can make it, but you never know

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I got to round 13 what level is titanium? I'm assuming its 15

I believe 14+

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dang I was so close got killed by shrapnel from spidertron 6000

ouch. that's gonna hurt getting killed by freaking spidertron 6000. or did he hurl you into buzzsaws?

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I finally got to titanium, started with arrow block then tried to max out bow(to kill Spider Tron 6000) and made sure I had at least 1 clone at round 7 and 2 clones after round 13. for the most part I just kept moving killing whatever I could focusing mainly on archers and spidertrons. the jetpacks seem to be weak to walls and edges so I kind of exploited that to kill them. I died at round 16 :( \

update: got to level 17 mainly kiting large enemy force around while there archers/ spider bots friendly farm them then slowly eliminating spider bots and archers until only the main groups remain then I just slaughter them.


Nice! That's a really good score! :D

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My highest is level 16. I did not really have a strategy... just fight!!!!!! Also I got this score on my 6th try!

skill+no life=swag

:( i got to 10 on 4th

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My highest score is 17 (so far), and my upgrades were as below:

1. Block Arrows I

2. Block Arrows II

3. Block Arrows III

4. Jetpack

5. Energy Capacity I

6. Clone (hereafter, if I die in a round, I will temporarily halt upgrading to create another clone)

7. Energy Capacity II

8. Energy Recharge I

9. Bow

10. Arrow Width I or Energy Recharge II

Energy Recharge II (or Energy Capacity III if already taken)

I mostly use the jetpack for getting away from hordes, trying to get some wiggle room to take out Spider-trons. I find that using it for offense, especially in later rounds, will often leave you completely exposed in the middle of a horde. RIP.

So that's my strategy, anyway. I think the fatal weakness of my plan is relying too much on being able to redirect arrows. When I swing my sword to attack something, much less turn my back to an archer, I'm left wide open.


First all the arrow block upgrades.

Then a clone. (if you die, get a new clone before continuing.)

Then both kick upgrades so that you can get up if spider-tron knocks you into the sawblades path.

Then jetpack

Then jetpack 2, full energy capacity and energy recharge in no particular order.

Then upgrade the rest however you want.

yes died a lot of times because spider tron knocked me into saw blades and I couldn't recover

It looks like we're all doing pretty much the same thing. I hope the "monobuild" will be fixed/balanced in later editions...

right now it looks like there a mainly all start with arrow block, but after that you hve 3 good options, jetpack, bow or kick/get up. I personally like getting kick/get up then getting bow. since there are only 6 main upgrades most of them wil be similar but they are all relatively well balanced.

Is it just me or does everyone else also sometimes focus on killing the enemy with the enemy archer arrows rather then ourselves?

Idk, I sometimes get over-confident and start killing em with their own arrows.

One of the reasons why I only made it till 12 T.T

so true also I think that bow is obsolete in endless mode because so many levels have archers that all you need is to max out arrow deflect

*cough* spidertron and jetpack robots *cough*

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well for spidertron u could just jump and slash, but it's a good point with the jetpack bots... can they deflect arrows? i haven't tried yet, and I can't try because of windows defender

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i got to round 19, with a glitch because i wanted to see all the Robots. Sadly after that i couldnt continue because i didnt see any Robots to kill ;w;

Legit i made it to round 15 tho!


define 'glitch' *blink blink* :)

The saw glitch i talked about in the Bug Report forum.

the glich where u get swing sky high?


heh I just started yesterday and I reached 8 gold

I got to level 15!

It was a lucky streak because my second highest is in gold: 9

I think I saw all the new bots... I died level 15 against a bunch of bots including mark 2 jet pack bots... those things are insane!

Finally reached level freaking 20

(might not count cause I used that healing glitch where you exit the arena if you're damaged and you come back in one piece)

(But I only did it after the end of a round and I only lost a leg and an arm once so most of it was legit damn it)

so what was at this level 20? (just wondering)

its just a random titanium level


MK 2 jetpack robots...everywhere

I got to level 14 (First Titanium round, then I got mowed by MK2 Jetpack Drones) like this:


2.Get up!

3.Block Arrows I



6.Jetpack II

7.Energy Capacity I


9.Block Arrows II


11.Energy Capacity II


13.Energy Capacity III

Then, I didn't pass round 14 because of stupid MK2 Jetpack Drones.

Yo guys is this the highest anyone has ever made it to? https://gyazo.com/d7b3a156425f279c8df8593160e66a72

Took so long to do but I think it was worth it.

praise our lord and savior corvino

for he has been to the depths of hell and back


I got past level 20, i maxed out energy capacity, arrow width and energy cap. Another good thing to have is blocking arrows, if you can max out that youve won. after that its not being stupid that gets you far.

And having borderline inhuman reflexes. Especially with the Mark II Jetpack bots.

Eh, you dont need superman reflexes, you just need not to be stupid and deflecting arrows at them tends to kill them instantly

i've gotten to titanium. I died at 16 and I always went for clones. always had one backup. when you have a clone og for whatever you feel like

Block arrows first - ALWAYS!

Kick/Get Up somewhere in silver tier,

Jetpack in Gold Tier (Jetpack 2 in Titanium, because I want to at least get the same speed as the mk 2 jetpackers for my playstyle)

With the exceptions above, I prioritize Unbalance/Good Form, because I use my sword a lot, even against the Mark 3 combat archers (just block their bullets and hope for the best, usually :P)

My only problem is the Spider-trons, especially 6000. Requires a bit of effort with just swords to cut them down to size.

And look where it got me!

If you get lucky with points, I'd suggest getting the bow. If you're good with it, you can take out Spider-tron 6000 in the first few seconds with the alt-fire. Helped me out quite a bit.


I reached Titanium difficulty after 3-4 days of wasting my weekend and a few weekdays. ANYWAYS, You just upgrade objects that are deemed worthy. For me I find Get up, Good form and Unbalanced, Energy and Bow width And a few clones. I made it to round 15. So yeah.

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WAVE 42! I have no idea how I actually managed this one. But it happened. Apparently this a pretty good score? Okay, so I found out some nice tricks. In order of what you need to defend against, here is what you need to buy in order (Slight changes based on what the announcers say will be next, i.e a clone for jetpack bots). Buy a clone around Gold Tier, if you die before then it isn't really worth it.

Deflect Arrows I, II and III

Jet Pack

2 Energy, 3 Energy

Clone (Buy the round after you die as well)

Kick and then Get Up!


4 Energy, 50% Energy Increase, 100% Energy Increase

Arrow Width I and II

Unbalance I, Good Form I, Good Form II, Unbalance II

Buying the second jetpack is worthless (A green jetpacker has never actually caught up to me when I've sped away) and I've found it actually even messes you up (you'll go too fast into saws), so avoid it.

Use your bow to rapid-fire at any Spidertron 6000's at the start of a round. In fact, don't use your sword on them at all. They don't appear until Wave 11 (Diamond) so you can put off buying the bow for a while. In the level with tons of saws in front it forces the sword-bots to come to you, allowing you to easily pick off those who make it past all the saws. You can then deflect at the archers, winning without barely moving!

Here is proof of my aforementioned feat - I took a picture on my phone. Jocelyn Sharp is a champ! She had a good last stand but she lost to a green jetpacker who killed his friend just to get me. These bots are dedicated! I got to Wave 20 before dying for the first time, and from there I only died to the occasional lucky swings of those green jetpack bots (They are EVIL! Your only strategy is to jetpack straight at them and hope you don't die). I have no doubts that were I to get lucky enough using my current strategy I could reach wave 50 or even 60.

Is this the highest score anyone has ever reached? I want to know if anyone beat this.

That's really cool! :D

Interesting take on the jetpack upgrade. I can totally see that.

Deflecting arrows is such a dominant thing right now... I wonder if the third upgrade is just too good compared to the the other upgrades?? I'll keep it for now, but it's worth thinking about.

I made it to level 18 but my game crashed so I have to go back and hopefully make it to level 19


Well I died in level 18

upgrades in the imgur link

I Died

My highest is level 20. I got it after my game crashed and I had a really good run.