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Upgradeble weapons

A topic by luffydjw created Oct 24, 2016 Views: 422 Replies: 17
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Eg: sword can cut through other swords, Homing on bows and arrows that cant be deflected. Different skills with weapons eg: dual wield.

Sounds fun! What are some more upgrades? :)

Bow can have different types of arrows eg: infect an opponent and gradually et away at the blocks one at a time (2min) and explosion that only knock small robots down. Longer sword and extendable sword so it pops out and pierce the opponent

also what do you think of different upgrade trees?

I think that a cool upgrade would be oil spill (bleeding for robots) with maybe some sort of club weapon that would stun enemies and maybe it would be an upgrade for it!

Ooh! And maybe the oil would keep on gradually spilling out and the robot would get slower and slower until all the oil spills out and it becomes either totally still or dead?


Yeah that's what i mean and it running out of oil and falling down every now and then and at the end it stands still (dies)!


Oil could be fun. Perhaps you can set it ON FIRE!!!


I think a rusting or corruption could be cool like a once use thing like a spike bomb

Yeah some kind of disease for robots!

Yeah like tin pest maybe? Or steel pest? :)


What about FIRE?

Yeah maybe some robots would be heavy duty but have some kind of oil tank on them that when you shot it it would set on FIRE!

And then maybe after a while it could explode and everything the shrapnel touches would be damaged and its kind of like a suicide bomber, except it didn't suicide.


oh, actually. What about some sort of disease that breaks parts away from whatever it touches and reforms as a different robot?
That would be pretty twisted! :)


Maybe our human robot could release a 'swarm' of something that can destroy one robot little by little and once it is fully destroyed, it gets rebuilt it as a friendly robot :P

It could be cool in my opinion :/

yes like a junk monster that crawls towords you



Yeah! And maybe it could be slowly built in the corner of the upgrade room, and maybe you can cut off limbs and heads and whatnot and all of those parts would contribute to the junk monster and maybe when it finishes it can become like a kind of clone and you can run towards your enemies with a crazy 3-legged clone robot! :)