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Commentary When Being Disembered

A topic by TrollyTheSolly created Feb 05, 2017 Views: 217 Replies: 8
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It just struck me that it'd be really funny if the Commentators made remarks if you got an arm/leg cut off.

'The robots have, Dis-Armed the human.'

Just a small thing that I'd love to see in the game :P


ah yes, good point! :)

There are a whole bunch of times they could be saying something but nothing has been added.
Might see if I can get a few more reactive things like that into a future update.


Some times where Commentatron/Analisys-Bot/The Emperor should say something:

Killing a strong robot.

Dying to a weak robot.

Getting specific upgrades.

Attacking a already dead robot.

Kicking a robot into obstacles.

Taking too much time finishing a level.

Finishing a level really fast.

Damaging specific robot bodyparts.

Losing limbs.

Trying to shoot at the Crowd Bots, or the commentators, or The Emperor.

nice! that would be pretty funny

Buying an upgrade that counters next lvl (example: they are talking about archers in the next lvl and you are buing deflection)

*Hits robot in the crotch*

Commentatron: Ouch, that would hurt.

Analysis-Bot: If it was a human.

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And maybe if the human's legs were chopped/sliced/smashed-by-a-hammer/wutever, then they would say something like this maybe?:

"Break a leg human! Hahaha"

Nah, that was terrible. But, you know, something like that I guess.


Destroying garbage bots i think it should be commentated to.

This would definitely bring back the interest in listening to the commentators. it would be neat if the speech was procedural such as when your arm was cut of the program would draw from the words, arm, limb, slice, cut, and other stuff like that then create a sentence using a grammar check program. This should create new unique sentences each time and this is a possible way to program real world robots for speech so it would be realistic.