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Endless Mode's Bronze a bit too hard?

A topic by GoldenPig55 created Nov 15, 2016 Views: 173 Replies: 6
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i easily die on level 1 because i dont have the block arrows upgrade, and since there are like 4-5 archers, you can easily die when distracted by swordsmen.

What I do is make sure everyone is in my view (screen)

As long as you're moving in a single direction (not directly parallel with the archers), you should be safe to dispatch the sword robots.

Bronze IS pretty hard. It is good feedback.

Might take a second pass at those levels at some point.
There's a tension there between making it too hard, vs so easy that it's boring for advanced players.

how about starting with 1 upgrade point before starting first level? because sometimes the first level of bronze includes a bunch of archers

Bronze ain't hard. What is hard is surviving in general without block arrow upgrades. Almost all levels (except one with 4 sword guys) have archers so yeah.

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in the future when hopefully more enemies are added, adding more level combinations which DON'T include archers will help fix this "problem".

also I think there should be a sandbox/ragdoll mode