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An Issue With the Hammer

A topic by LichPotato created Mar 18, 2017 Views: 138 Replies: 3
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Having played around with it quite a bit, I've grown to dislike the hammer in the extreme. It appears to offer no tangible advantage over the sword (other than a small boost in range), and its drawbacks are extreme: it offers no protection from any attacks, its attack animation is much slower than the sword's, and, worst of all, half the time you hit an enemy with it, all it does is push said enemy around a bit.

It's entirely possible my experience is incorrect; perhaps I'm misusing it. If there's some tactic that will reliably work with it (particularly against jetpack bots), I'd be greatly interested to know. What say you?

Some tips:

  • Aim for their heads or torsos. The hammer is more effective if it makes a solid, full contact rather than a just-in-range touch.
    • Sometimes the overhead swing is better at insta-killing the target, but more precision is required.
  • The jetpack can be used to lunge forward in explosive bursts timed to your swings.
  • Be careful to swing in a direction that doesn't hit walls
  • Upgrade your hammer! It gets a lot easier to hit things the bigger it is.
  • Your hammer brings the most advantage against targets that are good at blocking swords. (Mark 2-4 swordsmen for example)
    • The sword is probably a more efficient choice for quickly dispatching archers in tight spaces.
Hope that helps! :)


Or Fire! Fire can turn any glancing blow into a FATALITY!!