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Quick question for doborog

A topic by GoldenPig55 created Nov 17, 2016 Views: 266 Replies: 11
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why do the commentators (analysis bot and commentatron) hate clones? every time i make a clone they hate on me, and i wanna know why lol

is it because they want you to die quicker or something?


They want to see you erased from existence. I assume it's not as fun to watch you die when you can respawn.

It's a symbiotic relationship if you upgrade. Upgrading your own drone gives Upgrade Bot purpose, while bolstering your own effectiveness and efficiency, which is what robots are all about. Getting a clone just wastes everyone's time - yours, Upgrade bot's, Robot Emperor's, Mark III Swordsman ID #96117's... you get the idea.

Logical, really.


Don't listen to those mean robots! You do what you want! :)
They're just talking smack.


the oppressors that are the emperor and the commentators must and will be destroyed some time in 2017

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Hello Doborog, i have a question for you and i didn't want to make a whole new post, i wanted to know if you were okay with people recording and uploading videos, albeit not very good ones, of your game?

Of course! I love watching YouTube videos of people playing the game! :)

Thank you so much!

dobrog always knows what to say

*always knows what to "bark"

I think. not sure if Doborog barks, or yips, or zaps, or whatever