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Oh man... I really thought the spin was going to be added, oh well :)

dobrog always knows what to say

how about starting with 1 upgrade point before starting first level? because sometimes the first level of bronze includes a bunch of archers

thats my original idea, stay on the spot. Look at my animation below for more details guys

why do the commentators (analysis bot and commentatron) hate clones? every time i make a clone they hate on me, and i wanna know why lol

is it because they want you to die quicker or something?


how about a little easter egg that only appears after finishing story mode when its done?

Name - Occupation - Fav Color - Age

Erik Rydeman - Programmer - (only you know) - (only you know)

Probably a lot of people already did, but im still making this post:

So when you cut spidertron 5000's extremities and the only thing left is his head, you can push him into a sawblade and then the announcers will say:

''Look at that! Spidertron 5000 is inmune to sawblades.'' -Commentatron

''So strong! So handsome!'' -Analysisbot

I did end up making an animation, kinda like this (ignore poses i just want to demostrate the movement and how it could work if it ends up added in)

i had no clone, and as soon as i can walk out of the elevator i go a bit right and crash into the sawball tthing, and then it happened, since it was the start of the level nobody was attacking me or dying.

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it does sound a little OP... how about adding it right here:

and if someone attacks you on the back while spining you can die or get thrown on the ground like when spidertron's bomb hits you.

so thats why you add speed on the other upgrades, or maybe that will make it bad...

or make it stop at own will so that you dont get hit when a jetpack robot is rushing at you

i dont know, i might make a little animation to demostrate my idea.

hope its soon, tho! :)

Is there any specific date for the launch of the full story mode or is it just when you finish it? if it is, then i cant seem to find it anywhere... (also, i really like what you're doing with the game!)

i dont think that will be a good idea in multiplayer...

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ill give you one if you do me a favor and nerf mark 3 archers

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''I hear some humans say that you sound like Purple Shep.'' -commentatron

that made me laugh so much.

i easily die on level 1 because i dont have the block arrows upgrade, and since there are like 4-5 archers, you can easily die when distracted by swordsmen.

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So i was playing endless mode, and i accidentaly walked into the spike ball at my right as soon as i got to the top, it was less than 3 seconds until i died, and i did died, but commentatron and the other guy (forgot his name) were still talking like if i didnt died, and the music was still playing even after i respawned.

why lower the speed on a bigger upgrade? the faster you spin, the lower then chance you get hit by an enemy dont you think?

Upgrade 1: Unlock spin attack, double click mouse1 and it will spin 360ยบ with the sword extended out.

Upgrade 2: Spin 25% faster.

Upgrade 3: Spin 2 times and its 50% faster.

When my leg or arm is destroyied, theres a chance that some pixel cubes are still floating there.