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To DobRog

A topic by GoldenPig55 created Nov 15, 2016 Views: 417 Replies: 6
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Is there any specific date for the launch of the full story mode or is it just when you finish it? if it is, then i cant seem to find it anywhere... (also, i really like what you're doing with the game!)

Nope, no official date. I'm playing it by ear. :)

I have already bought your game clone drone in the danger zone, but for some reason I am not allowed to download it, the file says, (failed - Forbidden) now I don't know if this is my internet messing up but plz help, I don't want to lose such a amassing game

hmmm, try using the itch.io app! https://itch.io/t/49527/how-to-update-the-game

thanks everything is working now, and just a quick sugestion, I have an upgrade idea for the hammer thatI think might be cool, a shock wave that knocks nearby enemys over. But hey, you are the one that decides what happens to your game! I'm just a supporter

yes, other people have suggested similar things! :)

I'll think about it!

hope its soon, tho! :)