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the discord server

A topic by corruptunip69 created Nov 02, 2016 Views: 240 Replies: 4
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to all the people who where kicked and people who want to join use this


or you can also join https://discord.gg/ws67sGZ

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>kicks everyone on my server and makes an own one. Goodjob

edit: then banned me when i joined

wow you guys are hilarous

Such drama. Maybe it's best for everyone if you two just sit on two different discord servers that you administrate separately?

I'm ok with having multiple unofficial discord servers rather than one official one. :)
Really appreciate you guys setting this kind of thing up! Hope you can work out your differences in time.

Im not trying to start any Drama!

But i think its just stupid that when i trust them. They backstab me and make their own server as-soon as they destroyed mine