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map creator more movement (conveyers jump pats boost)

A topic by minecrafterseppe created Oct 29, 2016 Views: 164 Replies: 8
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an new mode "map creator" pretty self explaning

conveyer belts in the arena not only in trash collecter

jump bats now when u end the battle and the saws stop cutting and u bump into them u got an jump pad somting like that in the acualy arena

more weapons and shield would be amazing

enemy's just an idea --) 2 guys with an chain in between / more gustom enemys like spidertron maybe like an caterpiller made of saw-blades etc

and force field before the emperor so if u shoot him u see your arrow break not just disapear

an double jump upgrade

and ofc flametrowers flame trowers all gold + levels

and fire animation with the flame trowers and burning animation with it maybe water to

Lots of fun suggestions here! Thanks!

How would the enemies with the chain work? :)

It could be made in a way that there are 2 generic enemies (can be tough ones) that are attached by the chain. The chain itself can be their lifeline. So we have to destroy the chain. I think the chain should either make it so that it can cut you (laser chain), or it should make it so that you get unbalanced. Could make things interesting.

2 enemys (1) -----(chain)----- (2)

enemy 1 and 2 whith chain between em not realy plasma chain but the chain prevents u from moving or so then other swords can try and kill u maybe even an sticky chain

or maybe like one try's to trap you and the one try's to kill you

That gave me idea. What if, theres 1 "pretty strong" enemy. and hes connected to an enemy with a chain, but the chain enemy doesnt attack. If you cut the chain, the strong one dies. If you kill the weaker one, both die!

I like this! Like a mind control sort of thing. :)

Probably! (hey could you check out my thread in "fanart" and tell me if its okay i made it?)