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Losing "Important" Body parts.

A topic by Teewoo created Oct 30, 2016 Views: 278 Replies: 11
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as most of you (should) know, you can get your Leg Cut off and then hop around instead of running.

What also happend to me a couple of times is that my Arm got cut of, but it doesnt really change anything.

What if losing an Arm for example made your swing speed slower. Or something like that.

Or you can "lose" the Jetpack if your back-part gets cut. Or anything like that.

Obviously just ideas, and you can imagine it the way you want!

Goodluck Developing


Btw, I'm pretty sure losing one of your arms makes it so that you can't use the bow.

no you can just the bow does not show up so it looks like your throwing the arrows then when you which to your sword you bug out and you upper body twists pretty creepy

That was last version. Fixed now. :)

oh cool

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EDIT: Nvm, cant shoot with the bow nor equip it!

Yes, swinging slower is one of the things I've been thinking of adding. Will see when I have time to revisit this kind of thing.


maybe with that "repair station" to


yeah, I don't want to make the impact worse before there's a way to repair yourself.

Yeah thats a pretty important part aswell

lol imagen going trough gold levels with 1 leg and 1 arm and half an head lol