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A topic by corruptunip69 created Oct 28, 2016 Views: 180 Replies: 1
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so some people are saying that they want guns to be added yea I guess it could be cool but its way to over powered and its a gladiator game + the enemy's would have guns too.

*spawns in runs around map boom dead got shot*

if guns are to be added into the game it will most likely be in the future or outside the arena in the story part.

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I think there shouldn't be a wide range of weapons, but the weapons can be turned into a variation of that weapon. Maybe the sword can get thinner but faster to represent a katana or it should get bigger but slower to represent a greatsword. Same with the bow. Maybe there can be upgrades which allow the weapons to do special moves for a certain amount of energy. How they get the moves can be decided by the dev who I think knows best since he's the one who at least kind of knows what the final game should look like. But maybe it would be cool that we would have to kill a 'special' enemy that drops a 'Data Chip' that contains the special move.