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Abilities on the characters

A topic by WishedDarkness created Oct 29, 2016 Views: 198 Replies: 4
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Now how about having some abilities on the character based on color/name of the human you get? Maybe having grey with a stealth ability that would stop all robots from moving once a round until you attack or shoot an arrow? Green throwing his sword like a boomerang? I also once got a character named bowman and man did i feel like i needed a special ability with the bow it would just make it feel hecka of alot more cool.


Accupation could also give a cool ability like the tailor could somehow bind the enemies, things like that.


haha, this is a fun suggestion!

It would be kind of neat if each time you got a new human it had some sort of random perk that would synergize with but not necessarily prescribe a different upgrade path.

wow I was just thinking of something like this I think this will give the game even more replay ability it would be so cool

This could also change how players play the game, some people stick to one path and this could force them to go for upgrades to go with the perk. I was thinking that you could get a separate mini perk for each area, color, name, and occupation then you could have a ability that you can use once per match that combines all the areas/perks.