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Update - Feedback

A topic by LichPotato created Oct 28, 2016 Views: 168 Replies: 5
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So, after about an hour of playing, I finally reached (and, consequently died on) the Titanium tier. I feel I've played the game enough to get a good feel for the update, and jeez, it feels completely different. Previously, I felt it to be a bit "bare", what with the lackluster number of enemies. Then I found myself being chased by literal waves of enemies (see below). You definitely weren't kidding when you talked about the difficulty of higher tiers.

One of the best parts of this game, that separates it from otherwise similar games, is the dialogue. The original dialogue was humorous, entertaining, and diverse, and this update didn't disappoint. When the announcers started talking about Spider-tron 6000, I knew I was in for a world of hurt.

On that note, a couple issues I found:

1. Occasionally, melee robots (I've only noticed the tier 1 robots doing this; I assume it's because of their simple movement pattern) will stack on top of each other.

2. To begin with, I found the jetpack somewhat hard to use; for some reason, pressing SHIFT then A/D + LButton comes to me with difficulty.

3. This was a small problem in the last version, but has become much more apparent in this version: especially in later stages, the bow is almost useless. The only hits you can score are lucky potshots, which consume energy you need for getting away from tier 2 jetpack bots. I feel like it should be buffed to hit things easier, either with increased projectile speed or some sort of "homing" function.

4. This is a pretty minor thing, but I'm a recovering grammar Nazi, so it bothers me: One of the announcer dialogues contains the word "picnic", which is subtitled as "picknick".

That was my two cents. Hope it helps. Keep up the great work!

Great feedback!

Yes, the bow is no longer the dominant upgrade to get. Personally I find it really useful for taking down Spider-Trons though, so it still retains some relevance.

Also: Have you tried upgrading arrow width? It doesn't sound like much but makes it WAY easier to hit enemies in a way that kills them. This game is special in that just hitting someone is not enough. You have to hit them in a way that severs some vital part they need to function. :)

Picnics is what we'll be having in future versions. Good find! :)

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That's a good point, though I constantly find myself less and less time to pull out my bow and risk being shot, much less time to aim. Then again, Spider-tron 6000 is nigh-unapproachable, so I guess the moral of the story is "everything's up in the air", as usual.

Also, something else of note that I forgot to mention in my previous post: The announcers talk of gold disdainfully. I can sort of understand them not seeing its value as a precious metal, but gold's a pretty good conductor, and, unlike silver, doesn't tarnish. As such, it's used in a lot of circuits. Given that, I feel the announcers aren't treating it with the love it deserves, especially from what should be their point of view, seeing as they're basically made of circuits.

haha, fictional characters are only ever as smart as their creators. :)
I will do some more metal research! That's good feedback.

so a vital part to kill them you say well in the endless mode a spider-tron hit me to the ground and a bomb landed right next to me and my hole arm was then gone and my leg got turned into a nub well I guess both my left leg and arm are not vital then ok.

still love the game its fun to bounce on the spikes and use your jetpack :)

so lich you are saying that its hard to use the jetpack controls yes I think it is a bit hard to use. we could use z or x because you cant move backwards and you don't need to jump so this works.