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Mattia the ninja

A member registered 1 year ago

Recent community posts

so the saws are now not bugging or freezing the game so I'm happy. my idea is armour sword upgrades different moves and maybe later when the game comes out coop multiplayer survival? like endless mode but in coop. Also maybe a option to create bots to fight with you. friendly fire. maybe you can only make 5 bots. either fighting or clone bots. after 5 you can't make anymore just like now you can't make more than 5 clones. that would be great. great game.

I meant by bad performance...

My computer works perfectly fine. I found a bug an enemy dies on a saw blade the game freezes, glitches and ... I reduced everything to the lowest graphics and resolution. Also I re downloaded the game and nothing changed... could you please fix the bug, somehow. anyways great game keep it up and i love pre alpha games because developers always listen to people who play the game and try to make the players happy. too many ands lol

i found a bug. when something dies because of a chain saw thing the game lags and freezes for a few seconds. Good game though. i love it. there should be some sword updates as well... maybe