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A bunch of ideas :)

A topic by BluRex created Dec 03, 2016 Views: 260 Replies: 11
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I've already sent most of these through the feedback Google Doc, but I'd like the rest of the community to see them. Also just in case Doborog doesn't happen to see the feedback. Anyway, ON WITH THE SUGGESTIONS!

-Spread Arrows (just an arrow spread, no biggie.)

-Quivers (notice a trend with arrow related stuff yet? Anyway, these allow you to pick multiple types of arrows, ex. if you hold E while aiming with your bow it will bring up a selection of arrows to pick from, examples for those would be burning arrows, toxic arrows, spread arrows mentioned above, lightning arrows, which cause lightning to strike wherever the arrow hits, IK COOL RIGHT)

-Sword Fissure (special move with sword, probably a really hard upgrade to get but it opens a crack in the ground that knocks over all enemies within a straight line of the user. pretty kickass if I may say so myself)

-*EDIT* Arrow expansion(arrow gets wider as it pierces through enemies, like when I fire an arrow it leaves with default width, hits an enemy and gets wider, then hits another and gets even wider. pretty weird suggestion but I could see it catching on.

Sorry for the really long post but hope you guys can look into it :D

Arrow piercing as in going through multiple enemies? Doesn't it already do that?

No, actually. I thought it did but apparently it doesn't

Well apparently I'm blind. it does pierce. well guess i'll be erasing that from the post.

It does


I love the fissure upgrade xD


hehe, sword fissure sounds fun!

I was thinking you could do something like that but with energy spikes. Like you strike the ground and it send a row of spikes forward stabbing everything from the ground!


Yeah, totally. I was just hoping for something of a similar concept :D

but if you add it try not to make it too OP. Also there could be Mark 4 sword robots after level 20

in endless with sword fissure!


I'd love to see an arrow that shoots a spidertron bomb

Decided to add onto the already present "arrow pierce". check edit