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New upgrades, abilities, extra customization, basically new stuff.

A topic by EnderWitherX created Nov 10, 2016 Views: 166 Replies: 2
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Use this post to put your ideas on what the game should have!

1. More customization

Right now the customization is pretty simple, a Random Number Generator picks a name, a color and an occupation for your character, but, what if we could step it up even more? We could customize our armor, maybe our weapons on a simple mini-Voxel editor, you could put extra pixels where you wanted to strenghten, reinforce, or just to customize a specific area of your tiny sword robot, maybe you could create different weapons, which are auto balanced depending on their size, you could make daggers, battleaxes, greatswords, or even become the Grim Reaper and create a scythe to reap some robot AIs!

2. New core abilities and upgrades

When your robot is assembled and gets its new human mind, its basically nothing, but what if you could upgrade to get shields, time bending abilities so complicated that only robots could understand, new attacks, a bomb gun to impersonate Spidertron! Maybe we could receive new core abilities, which mean, abilities that we have when we are assembled, like a dodge roll, that can be upgraded, or some acrobatic (And swaggy) flips, to dodge arrows!

3. New enemies

The game has cool (Looks at Spidertron 6000), powerful (Looks at MK2 Jetpack Drone), and sometimes simply annoying (Does a death stare to MK3 Combat Archer) enemies, but, what if there were NEW enemies? Maybe a defence drone, a giant humanoid robot with a giant sword, a new Spidertron variation, a boss fight with the Emperor of the Robots itself? Now THAT would be awesome!

1. I doubt that will ever happen, since hitboxes.

Unless you had to buy the pixels.

2. The dev is already working on that, just suggest some ideas in the right section!

As for flips, we already have that. (cough cough kick cough cough)

3. 'The dev is already working on that, just suggest some ideas in the right section!'