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I'd love to, but I don't have a recording software.

I think the kick is fine as it is. Remember, I'm no master, I've simply been here for a few days.

And the Jetpack Kick?

Imo find that out now

I've tested it.

It's impossible.

You can't jump with the jetpack, therefore you cannot double-jump to produce a kick.

If you want to record video (for this, or whatever else) I recommend using OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software. It's a little difficult to set up properly, but it's completely free, and you can easily find tutorials on it.

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Okay, I'll try it out.

But how do you post the video afterwards?

(Just to be clear, I don't want to set up any other accounts)

Just upload the .mp4 file to any video uploading website. Unfortunately, I don't have much experience with uploading content, but I'd assume YouTube would be pretty simple to get started on (well, assuming you already have a YouTube account, which, if you're already associated with Google, isn't an issue).

Can OBS upload as a windows movie-file?

I'm not entirely sure what you mean. You can, if you want, run the file through Windows Movie Maker, though that considerably lowers the quality while taking a long time.

I want to convert it into GIF's, since that would take less time.

What you're looking for shouldn't be hard to find. I just Googled "mp4 to gif" and came up with a ton of results, like http://ezgif.com/video-to-gif, http://www.zamzar.com/convert/mp4-to-gif/, https://convertio.co/mp4-gif/, and more.