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what about awesome classes, weapons, bosses, and funny ideas?

A topic by SpiriteousPoet02 created Jan 12, 2017 Views: 328 Replies: 25
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i have many ideas on things like weapons, abilities, and enemies that i want to share everyone, and i also wanting to see what everyone else has to say.

i have had 4 very long class ideas that i have decided to put up this link for everyone.

i don't have much to say, cause all of the posts i made are very long to edit overall. all i want is you guys to put your idea's here, as many as you can.

Again, it's not at all necessarily a bad thing, but energy has become vital to many suggestions... which Is why I'm tryong to think of an upgrade which doesn't require energy xD

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like increasing swing speed? it could be a thing!

swing speed and a slightly longer sword would be 2

yeah, wit the hammer, swing speed could be very interesting! but what about a spinning (just because it would make it cooler) lunge attack? here is how it works: you jump while moving forwards, press a key (doesn't really matter which one) and you dive diagonally towards the nearest target.

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what about a thrust. you don't dive, but, you pierce through multiple enemies

Edit: i mention spin attacks in other posts, and said energy just because if you spin, you cant get hit with swords and cant be unbalanced

isn't that getting more similar to the jetpack?

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basically, your spinning in a 360` arc around you. jet-pack bots cant get you. it would be broken if it didn't cost energy

Edit:its very unlikely to get stunned or killed while jetpacking

what about a quiver? you can draw an arrow and press "q" and the arrow goes into a quiver, so that you can store arrows over time!

that still takes energy to draw the arrow and then storing it

yeah, but the upgrade itself doesn't require energy, it actually saves it :3

well, stores it in the form of arrows

yes, but you might not be given much space, and then you'll have to replace right click for the arrows

i'm thinking of possible doing twitch myself, but i don't think my computer is good enough to do it.

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Interesting ideas! Maybe classes could be a thing further down the line.
As more abilities, weapons etc. get added it could be an interesting way to organize them.

Right now I don't think there's a need to do it for the player though. Enemies kindof have classes.

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xD was literally coming here to comment what you said in your second line. also, this would make a multiplayer mode more fun because there would be even more diversity-of course, this would mean that each class would have to be balanced very carefully, or have OPness!