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basically, your spinning in a 360` arc around you. jet-pack bots cant get you. it would be broken if it didn't cost energy

Edit:its very unlikely to get stunned or killed while jetpacking

what about a quiver? you can draw an arrow and press "q" and the arrow goes into a quiver, so that you can store arrows over time!

that still takes energy to draw the arrow and then storing it

yeah, but the upgrade itself doesn't require energy, it actually saves it :3

well, stores it in the form of arrows

yes, but you might not be given much space, and then you'll have to replace right click for the arrows

sorry, I don't understad what you mean

basically, right click is to turn arrows, and left click is to create them. the arrows in the quiver can't be pulled out by pressing q again, and the only proper keybind for pulling the arrows out is right click.

the mouse wheel does change the arrow now, but kick is right click. in the end, it might work, but the kick needs to be put in E.

middle click? :3 or holding q and then start drawing an arrow could take it fro the quiver. idk

middle click is not a normally used key-bind, and holding q would probably break the game by the fact that its not a great way to hold and pull out the arrow. the only solution is having arrows in your hand before shoting with the E keybind