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middle click? :3 or holding q and then start drawing an arrow could take it fro the quiver. idk

middle click is not a normally used key-bind, and holding q would probably break the game by the fact that its not a great way to hold and pull out the arrow. the only solution is having arrows in your hand before shoting with the E keybind

yeah... do that =P

E pulls out the arrow on standby, and then left click to shot it.

ye that sounds good. of course, there would be a limit to the number of arrows (I think that 3 is balanced, but I may be wrong) that can be stored in the quiver (this can not be changed, because there are enough bow upgrades as is. although, this could replace aim time seeing as aim time wouldn't work in multiplayer if it ever gets added) :3

aim time would never be an upgrade in any multiplayer mode.

also, i was thinking of tipped arrows, such as:

sticky bomb arrow: this arrow sticks to players, and has half the explosion radius of a spider-tron exploding.

electric arrows: arrows that don't chip anything off the enemy, but electrocute the enemy 3 seconds after impact, ending his life.

scatter arrow: an arrow that scatters into multiple smaller arrows upon hit anything (including enemies). you can only choose one arrow, and it costs 1 energy to tip them (the keybind is F), but if it is combined with your idea for quivers, then you can store them beforehand to use during battle.

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yeah... I guess that storing the arrows before battle would make it a little -lot- more op, but doborog could simply -not to imply that any of this is simple, I don't have little if any knowledge of how game programming works- make it so that you can only pull the bow when you have stepped off the elevator at the start of a level or something of that sort. on a side note, how would you choose onely one type of arrow? would it be an upgrade such as "special arrow" and when you get it, it opens an instructions page and asks you to choose an arrow? O.O I think that I just answered my own question

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that, or its a separate side skill tree that requires certain upgrades to unlock them, then telling you to choose one of the three arrows.