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A topic by Cynothus created Mar 09, 2017 Views: 129 Replies: 2
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Achievement Ideas for Steam:

Beat Story 1

Beat story 2

Beat the Challenges.

Get to Gold in endless.

Get to diamond in endless.


Get all 5 clones in endless

Max out your upgrade tree.

kill 250 sword1s

get killed in the air.

kill someone in the air.

Shoot a robot with aim time while in the air.

Get Hammer size 3

full energy upgrades.

Slice, pound, or shoot a robot while Jetpacking.

Decapitate 25 enemies.

Beat a level with 1 leg.

Get killed (#) times by a jetpack2

Get killed (#...10?15?) times by hammer3

Get killed (#) times by sword3

get killed (#) times by bow3

Kill Spidertron5000

Kill spidertron6000

Shoot a bow3.

Get killed by sawblades.

Get killed by spikes

Drown in lava.

Survive 10 hammer strikes

Block 100 sword attacks.

Shoot a charging jetpack bot

Get knocked over 20 times by spidertron.

Bounce on a jump pad 50(?) times

Burn (#) enemies to death with fire breath.

survive 5 landing attacks in 1 life.

Kick a bot into lava and other traps

kill 500 bots with (weapon)

5 landing attacks in one life? I could do that in my sleep!

Is that lucky or unlucky?

Unlucky that you got hit, lucky that you lived.