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Fire Breath - Really lackluster

A topic by Lucifious created Mar 20, 2017 Views: 149 Replies: 3
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Fire breath is an awesome ability on paper, but once I unlocked it, It seems to be really lackluster for some reason.

1. Fire breath requires you to have all of your energy recharged, which makes it really tedious to use. I like to fly around in my jetpack and sword slicing robots, so I never have a chance to fully use fire breath.

2. Using fire breath on Spidertron-6000 works half of the time, due to the fact that the bombs can knock you over and make you waste all your energy.

I'd suggest that Fire breath should be able to be used anytime, even when your energy's not full. So maybe pressing F could toggle it on and off?


I erred on the side of caution with it, fearing it would be too powerful.

We're gonna make it a bit better in an upcoming small update!

I think however it's implemented it should stop training energy when you fall over. That's a good note

How about cut its energy consumption in half. It uses 2 bars (still a lot) and if you get all energy capacity, you can use it twice!

Keep the length and intensity the same if you go with this. Keep it balanced and all.

atd one thing in that small update... ZOMBIES!!!!!111