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A member registered Feb 28, 2017

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do you mean instead of a snake it's a centipede?like the one from that old centipede game?that survives getting cut off

i support the swords needs power up idea.how about elemental swords?swords that can extend?swords with afterslashes?sword sonic boom?also a dedicated shield button with giant swords is also preffered.

I want a few weapons which i miss dearly in the game.please try to add them in.

1.guns(pistol,assault rifle,sniper rifle)

2.skateboard?(hover around a bit fast)


4.many styles of swords(long,broad,thick,rapier)

5.monster hunter weapons?(gunlance with long,wide and long wide shots specifically)


please add atleast one of these.of course i wish you add all of these.

how about equipable machine guns?3pellets=1bar?

that's already in.if you touch robots with sword they kinda die.of course they retaliate.and hammer and bow are not laser weapons so they should not be able to touch kill.

idea's great.but if we are going to pick and play way then we need to make all weapons like that.pick up things to unlock them.maybe a drop-loot system were dead robots drop goods and some are blueprints?then use blueprints to build upgrades?what do you think doborog?

nope.this armor idea is not good at all.on the other hand,it could be a forcefield upgrade.