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The moments before you realize your dead

A topic by GEUSTLOL created Feb 15, 2017 Views: 220 Replies: 3
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I hate it when you go in for the kill on a level 3 hammer bot and he starts up his swing as well. You know this is your moment you are gonna kill him right before he kills you. You go in for you destined swipe, it lands but fails to do anything more then scratch him. You look to the side and see the hammer coming, this is it you know it. You realize you have no where to run as his range is far too much for your speed to cover, this is it.

Anyone else have moments like these

no i kill him with a bow

and I kick him before killing him :D

although sometimes I am unable to keep my composure while fighting one and end up jumping while trying to escape the hammer :P

no, i normally run with the jetpack and when i fell safe a sawblade cuts me in two XD