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Just some ideas :)

A topic by EnderWitherX created 46 days ago Views: 452 Replies: 137
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Please consider the fact I drew this by mouse, that's why it looks weird...

well I just think that if the Valkyries are too high it would be a long and drawn out level if you didn't have bow or max arrow defence

Yes, but, the Axe Valkyries swoop down to attack, and both of them stop flying and basically stand still for some time to give you a chance to attack them, because they need to recharge energy to fly

yes, I was just worried about how often they would do this :) so it was only a minor problem, if that. great idea!

specifically, the word "occasionally" had me worried :)

I imagine every 2 swoops or 2 arrows fired, so you don't have to wait ages for just a few seconds of attack chance, also, if you damage their wings different effects would happen:

1 wing: It would fly lower, slower, and would fall down randomly

2 wings: Basically becomes a MK2 level robot with a different color (And weapon for the battleaxers)

well, not including the mk2 jet pack bots. sorry, i'm just picky :) yeah I guess it could actually use energy to stay afloat, solving the problem with an in-game solution. and because of that, I SEE NO REASON FOR DOBOROG NOT TO ADD THIS! :)

I agree, of all the enemies that exist on this game, there are no flying ones!

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Created a more detailed version of it, I went for a Greek-ish style, because Valkyries are from Greek Mythology (No they are not, they are from Norse Mythology, I just confused Valkyries with Harpies), and because I was listening to Halo music so the whole "Spartan" thing got stuck in my head :3

The melee Valkyrie's main weapon, the almighty energy battleaxe!

Now, a front and back view (Question: Why I used Minecraft? Answer: First, I have a good sense of space in the game, second, I can't use Qubicle and don't have the patience to do so just to support one game (Although the game is freaking awesome!))

Well, I just realized I confused HARPIES (Which are from Greek Mythology) with VALKYRIES (Which are from Norse Mythology) *slow clap for myself* Anyways, the style's going to be the same because I think it looks cool, also, I think a bronze color would be nice, because it resembles a greek battle armor, so... Yeah, this is my Greek Valkyrie Robot...

Actual name: MKX (Because there's only one version of it) "Valkyrie" Air Assault Robot

what's next, a Roman Anubis? xD like the design though :)

Lol, but you have to agree that it's kind of easy to confuse one with the another, but... you actually gave me a new robot idea! The "Anubis", going to think on an appearance for it right now!

yeah there are a lot of different mythologys to keep track of :)

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Thanks for cogitoergosum815 for this idea: The Anubis Robot!

What is so special about it? It's a Diamond-tier mini-boss (Kind of like Spidertron) That appears along with some MK3 Robots, it's abilities include attacking with it's spear, and summoning MK1 Robots from the ground! It has a stronger version, that appears in Titanium-tier, which is silver colored, that can summon MK2 Robots, but this one appears alone. Also, when the battle starts, there are multiple Ankhs scattered around the arena, if you kill the "Anubis" without first destroying the Ankhs it will simply rebuild itself! The MK2 version scatters more Ankhs around.

Full names: MK1 "Anubis" Reanimator Robot, MK2 "Anubis" Reanimator Robot

hmm... one thing: could you make it's head look more like a jakal?

Ta-daaaa! (Also made a model for the Ankh

Also, it's head is now black because with the normal gray it looked more like a mouse XD

looks great! :D

Many people asked for stealth to be included in the game, so here's a stealth based enemy, the Ninja Robot!

This foe is supposed to be a quick, strong, but largely defenseless foe. There's also a stronger variation that's colored Ocean instead of black.

It's main ability is to become transparent, being harder to spot on the arena, it's upgraded version can basically become invisible except for some minor details! But this ability requires energy, thus, the robot can't use that at all times.

It's also basically an anti-projectile unit, since it has Arrow Block III, giving it the ability to block arrows and deflect them at their target!

It's main means of attack are revolved around it's three weapons, at long range, it will throw Energy Shuriken at the player, those don't pierce like the arrows, and deal low damage, but they are thrown quicker than arrows are fired, to compensate. The MK2 version's Shuriken home slightly on its targets.

At mid-range, it will use it's Kusarigama, it can slash the player's robot with the blade, pull them closer by sticking the blade on their body, or it can knock them down using the weight on the other end of the chain. The MK2 version is quicker, and can work at a longer range

At close range, the Ninja will pull out it's Katana, it's a variation of the sword, being quicker, but dealing less damage, it will also pull it out to deflect an arrow in case on is fired against it. The MK2 version is quicker, and has Unbalance I.

This robot is also quicker than normal, except when using it's stealth ability, in which case is as quick as other robots.

The MK1s should appear in Gold, with the MK2s appearing in Diamond.

Full names: MK1 "Ninja" Infiltrator Robot, MK2 "Ninja" Infiltrator Robot

this seem like a very powerful enemy :)

It's supposed to, imagine a whole squad of them attacking you.

oh no :)

This is why I came up with a ninja idea for mine nice job x3


Wow! These are really cool.

I like the idea of flying robots with wings. The jetpack bots sortof sit in that niche right now in terms of being super mobile, but it might be neat to have something that jumps up into the air and lands near you as opposed to just whizzes around really quickly.

*faints* You actually replied!

Also, I designed the Valkyries thinking more or less that, there's a jetpack in the game, but you can't fly with it, so what about wings? And then I created a robot with them.

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I've seen many people create heavily-armored robots, so, I decided to make my own version of it.

This thing is a total beast, it has a giant sword that has a really big reach, and also has a pretty high defense, you need to literally chip its armor off to damage it, it's supposed to be a mini-boss, and will appear with some minions with it, however, the heavy armor also means it's rather sluggish, also, arrows are basically useless against it, since it has Arrow Block II and it's armor is quite sturdy.

Full name: MKX "Minotaur" Heavy Response Robot

So heavy! :D

I think I'm going to have to add an oversized humanoid to the game at some point.

it should be a cyclops :)

Really? After I built it, I thought it looked more like a Minotaur... I think I'll name it that! Minotaur!

oh, I didn't mean that robot :) it does look like a minotaur!

Deleted post

not necessarily you, but that sounds cool. or it could have robot sheep and a crook like Polyphemus :)

Oh... You wanted me to build a Cyclops robot... Already done!

This is a robot I created, from another idea by cogitoergosum815, the "Cyclops"

It also summons cute sheep :3

This guy has an Ion Assault Rifle, it fires a long range version of the Spidertron bomb fragment, so it doesn't penetrate a lot, but instead deals a high amount of damage on impact (Like a real life gun would work), it has a MK2 version with desert camo, and a faster and more precise gun, and a miniboss MK3 version with snow camo, an even faster and more precise weapon, and the ability to summon Sheepatrons!

The Sheepatrons have two abilities, at long range they will fire their Ion Turret, which is like a MK1 Ion Assault Rifle, and at mid to close range, they will charge at you and explode on contact, like a stronger Spidertron grenade. They were created during an experiment trying to transfer animals' minds into robot bodies, this was the first one to work, because orcas were wayyyy too unstable... thus, all subsequent animal robots where considered "Automatons"

Full name: MK1/2/3 "Cyclops" Antipersonel Assault Robot

MKX "Sheepatron" Wooled Dual-Task Automaton


wait... just how much free time do you have?

Well... I'm 12 years old and I'm in vacation, sooo... I technically have the whole day to do whatever I want

ha :) and me, being the picky Latin student that I am: on vacation

(not that latin has anything to do with this particular situation because it doesn't. in Latin, "in" (a real word in Latin) can mean in, on, into, or onto.)

oh and I just turned your vacation into latin class :D

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I really don't mind it that much, English's not my first language, still, everyone says that I speak it very well. And also my mother studies Latin too, so I don't mind learning more about it...


whoo latin

best language

"it also summons cute sheep" *of death xD


Imagine the human's reaction:

Human: Awwww... so CUTE :3

Sheepatron: Initiating self-destruct module


I like this sheep. Wasn't there one in Worms that worked kindof like that?

Yeah, but this one also has a gun, and its explosion releases a ton of fragments instead of destroying the ground :)


(Edited 2 times)

This is the result of another wicked experiment of the robots, trying to mix a human and a tiger's mind, resulting into this crazed and deadly beast: the "Ravager"

This is a (literally) savage enemy, it has 2 "lives" as when you kill him for the first time, the human mind dies, and the tiger one takes over (also rebuilding itself), on its first mode, it dodges attacks a lot, but is as quick as other robots, on its second form, it starts walking on all fours, becoming almost as quick as a Jetpack Bot, but barely dodges anything. It attacks by using its sharp claws, making it a rather close range opponent, but its slashes are VERY quick, on its second form, its attack becomes a jump with a downward slash, making it fearsome in its field of attack. It has a MK2 version colored white and black, and a MK3 version that's completely black.

Full name: MK1/2/3 "Ravager" Clawed Automabot


preying mantis robot :)

that is all.

Nice! Another Automaton idea, maybe I should make it human-sized, and then make a boss, which is an ORCA!!!

be sure to make it water proof!

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"just some ideas"!? this is starting to have enough ideas to create a new game mode: fan mode consisting of purely user-made suggestions :D in fact, I might take a shot at creating an enemy in minecraft also, but nothing like these, something small :)

I'd reccomend it, Minecraft has a REALLY nice selection of colors, and its good if you don't know how to use Qubicle, also, I reccomend that you play in 1.10 or higher, so you have access to Structure Blocks, and create a base "robot skeleton" so you can easily just add the colors and details of the robot!

Yet another idea by cogitoergosum815: The "MantisDrone". Sorry if it doesn't look as nice as my other buildings, mantises are hard XD, but this one will make you PRAY for your life! *ba-dum-tsss*

This is a simple enemy, it can use its claw-scythes thingies (I dunno how they are called in real-life mantises) to slash at you, it's side slash is like a regular side slash, but done with both scythes, and its vertical slash is very unique, it tries to grab you, if it does, it will hold your head with the back of its arm, and slash down with the other one, this enemy is also specialized in blocking, it has Arrow Block III, Unbalance III and Good Form II, making attacking it extremely tough to attack.

Full name: MKX "MantisDrone" Counter Attack Automaton

I personally enjoyed designing the attacks of this enemy, because I've once had Kung-Fu classes, and our style was the Mantis one, so I remembered some of the things we done and put them into the MantisDrone's attack!

(Edited 1 time)

yeah... mantises do seem hard to build... but you did a great job on it anyway :)

also, to doborog:

spiders have eight legs! xD

and if your bowstring can withstand arrow, why cant you block with it? :)

Actually, the real-life mantises (as far as the ones I've seen in images) only have 4 legs, the arms count as two of them:

Also, a free size comparation between a mantis and a spider... THOSE ARE REALLY SCARY!

oh sorry about that... forgot that the two "arms" are actually legs... :P

well aren't mantises not spiders but bugs? because spiders are arachnids

well, I think you mean arachnids, but no, they're not arachnids because arachnids have 8 legs, they're insects. me, on my infinite derpiness =P forgot that the two claw like appendages used for snatching pray also count as legs. It was never a question about whether or not they were arachnids, because the only have 6 legs. =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P =P

you'll find that if you excuse my confusing grammar we are agreeing with each other. =)

...there are no grammatical errors that I see in your original reply (besides it missing punctiuation).

I mean my confusing syntax, not my grammar...

BUT I can blame me studying such fabulous latin phrases which, when translated literally look like this: Marcus, himself to have been made busy, bade Quintus goodbye. AND "to be going to have", which when put back into latin is one word.

huh. appropinquabamusque. "and we were approaching"

hey im only in latin 3 have pity

how did you move the images to the posts... did you take screenshots?

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Yeah, on Minecraft there's a screenshot button (F2) then, I go to my .minecraft folder, go to screenshots, and then I post one image on Imgur, then, I drag the image, not the link, to the reply, after that, I post the next image and do the same thing until I used all the images :)

oh thanks :)

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The newest Automaton, its a boss that lives in the watery graves stored below the Danger Zone Arena, when its time comes, the tank is raised, the floor is destroyed, and the one and only shows up, the Orcaneer...

Le size comparison with a Clone Drone in the Danger Zone Arena.

Back view

And inside the beast's mouth: A LOT OF PLASMA!

This is a REALLY powerful boss, to damage it, you have to attack its 4 power cores, signaled by Redstone Blocks, you need to hit each core twice to destroy it.

Its tail has a Bolt Rifle, it fires 5 bolts of electricity that stun you and remove random pixels from your body.

Its Red Eye can fire lasers, and its fin is used underwater, it dives, and goes around like a shark, but, the fin also destroys the Arena's floor! But they regenerate after some time.

It has a biting attack, it will lean back and bite, but if you don't dodge while it's leaning back in time, you'll get molten in a fiery pit of plasma. Inside its mouth has a core that can be destroyed in another attack.

It also has a charge attack, where it will charge and try to knock you underwater, where it will eat you, but, if you dodge the attack, it will hit the wall and get stunned, while it's stunned, you can climb its back to hit its back core, get inside its mouth, and use a platform to reach the mouth core.

Its final attack is firing a Energy Orb from its mouth, you can reflect the orb to hit the eye core (Ichor?)

When its defeated, you have to finish it, by attacking a final core that's exposed on the top of its head, destroying it will launch you in the front of the elevator, and the boss will slowly explode and go back to its tank, also, the Arena's floor will be fixed by Engineer Bots (Blue Garbage Bots)

Full name: MK12 "Orcaneer" Ultra-Heavy Hydro Combat Automaton

(Edited 1 time)

Front view

Top view

Back view(ish)

this is my attempt at creating an enemy, it is called mk1 "The Hopper (with tail)"

th(wt) can jump on the ground as high as you can on a jumping pad its teeth can rip apart anything.

p.s. ignore the thing with water coming our of it in the background

Really nice! Do you mind if I create my own version?

not at all! :D

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My version, I used the same name pattern, with the nickname, then the actual name, detailed the attacks a bit more, and also turned its tail into another leg :)

It jumps REALLY high, about as high as a robot on a jump pad, its attacks include a charge that knocks you down, if you are knocked down, it will catch you, and bite your face off, soooo... a pretty SCARY opponent, specially if you don't have the Get Up upgrade, but, if this thing knocks you down, you'll have to wait even with Get Up, but with it, your knockdown time will be halved. It has a silver colored MK2 version. It is a robotical version of a badger, thus it was used by the robots as a torture machine against captured humans so they could give info about other human colonies.

Full name: MK1/2 "Hopper" Torture Automaton

"and also turned its leg into another leg" xD

like the design!

Yeah, when I was building it I tried to make its mouth functional, but I'm not really good with redstone, and I'd rather not mess with commands in that thing, so I ended up ditching that, then, when I finished the mouth I realized there was no space for the eyes, so I made a pretty creepy "Separated eyes thing", and it got the result I needed! I wanted to make it pretty scary, because of the backstory (I guess, that if you want a torture robot, you should make it as scary as possible), and it turned out pretty good!

Also your original design was pretty unique too, it was hard to change it :)

oh.. about that uniqueness... "The Hopper(with tail)" is actually the answer to a question: can I design a doborog enemy?


This robot looks amazing! I think now you should try to make a regular humanoid robot, but first, a question:

In which version are you playing?

yes well I have not been playing minecraft for that long... only a few months. 1.11

Then have this: https://www.mediafire.com/?2j5xt0i3094ac55

To install it into your world, go to the .minecraft folder, then go to saves, after that, open the world save folder where you want to put this template, there should be a structures folder, but if there isn't, create one by typing "structures" without the quotation marks, after that, go into this world, and type the following command: /give @p structure_block

Then, place the block down, right click it, and press the [D] until it becomes a [L], then, on the top box, type the following word: Robot

After that, press LOAD, then, a boundary will appear where the structure will be generated, then, click LOAD again, and watch the basic template of a humanoid robot being generated!

I haven't posted new ideas in a while, creativity juices were lacking... but I had a pretty original idea that actually doesn't need any images!

This idea is the Doppelgänger, one of the robots' new creations, it's a black goo, that when detecting an enemy, it morphs into them...

This enemy could appear at any time on any level, why? Because it would scale based on your robot, are you on a bronze level with only a bow and a leg missing? The Doppelgänger will copy your abilities, including the bow and the missing leg, are you a flawless warrior with all of the upgrades plowing through titanium levels? The Doppelgänger will copy ALL of your upgrades, and you'll basically fight against yourself.

Its AI will also scale based on the tier you are, bronze? It'll have a simple AI; titanium? It will be even better than a MK3 Combat Archer. When using a bow, it will take by default the MK3 CA AI, but without the fancy dodging, depending on the level you are, that means, it doesn't matter in what level you are, and your current status (Upgrades, robot damage, clones), it will always be a challenge, also... an extra evil touch, it will rebuild itself, based around how many clones you had when it copied you! *insert Commentatron's "Muahaha"*

Full name: MKX "Doppelgänger" Reversal Combat Robot

Deleted post

Wow, I just realized something, this robot is THE perfect counter for cheating in clones and upgrades! If you cheat a lot of clones for yourself, this guy will copy ALL of your clones, and if you cheat upgrades, this guy will copy ALL of your upgrades!


if you lost a leg while fighting it, would it loose a leg? >:)

No, but if you were missing a leg when it copied you, it would be generated without that leg, and, if you had clones when it copied you, and it regenerates, it will be undamaged even if you are damaged, just like how the clones work. :)

oh ok

How about a dragon-like boss like from my idea I think it'd look cool all red with a black mouth and glowing scary orange eyes
And drooling plasma/lava from it's mouth

Wait for it...

And a selfie, because why not, right?

This, is THE hardest build I've ever done on this world, sorry MantisDrone... (Specially the wings, the wings were a pain in the back hip plate to build, I'm not a robot, PUT DOWN THAT LASER SWORD!!!)

Ok, back to ze showcase, thanks for the idea, SayoriTheIcePhoenix, wow, that's a mouthful, but, ok, this guy would not have been created if some Erik guy didn't teach the robots about medieval fantasy..

It's body regenerates everytime you damage it, like it's common with most bosses, but certain parts regen slower, specifically the wings, it's weak spot are the eyes, they must be hit nine times to be destroyed (not each, both of them count), it is fought in several phases:

PHASE 1: It flies around, dropping plasma from the sky, and occasionally diving to catch you, you must wait for the catching attack, when it dives, you must dodge and climb its tail, then its body, to reach the eyes.

PHASE 2: After taking 3 hits, it starts to fly lower, and slower, now it will try to hit you with its tail (Which is now covered in electricity), and breath plasmaballs at you, be careful, those explode, and launch plasma balls everywhere! It will also slash its claws, when it does that, you must attack its wings, then it will fall to the ground, giving you an opportunity to attack the eyes.

PHASE 3: After taking 3 more hits, it loses the wings completely, and from their stumps, arms grow, making it a land based enemy, it will crawl around, trying to bite you, it will also fire bolts of electricity from its tail, and finally, it will spread plasma around from its mouth, and fire plasma beams that set the arena on fire! You must attack the eyes again, to do so, you must make it hit the walls when chasing you, that will stun it, giving you an attack opportunity!

When it's defeated, light beams will emanate from its body, and it will cause a massive explosion, leaving dead robot parts on the arena.

Full name: MK38 "Wyvern" Ultra-Heavy Aerial Destroyer Automaton

PS, this enemy is technically not a dragon, but a wyvern, dragons have 6 limbs (two legs, two arms and two wings), wyverns have 4 limbs (two legs and two wings), sooo... yeah, I think it looked cooler that way

mk38? are there 38 DIFFERENT models of this guy?!?!?!?!?!? xD

Well, it's like Spidertron, that thing had 6 versions, but you only see two of them, and, to create such a fearsome robot, they probably had ~some~, ~lots of~ ~A TON OF~ ~A planet full of~ no failures, sorry, it's the robots,they're trying to make it look like they're flawless!

oh. also, I was pretty sure it was qilsnib. guess I'm just blind and deaf =P

I'm glad you got the difference between dragons and wyverns correct :D

(Edited 1 time)

Yeah, somehow I forget Valkyries are Norse, but remember the difference between dragons and wyverns :P

PS: I almost wrote Harpies instead of Valkyries...

PPS: I like dragons

PPPS: I'm kind of stealing your comment, I saw it, funny as heck

PPPPS: Post post post post scriptum, yeah, I know Latin

PPPPPS: Why am I doing this?

PPPPPPS: I'll stop now


PPPPPPPPS: I have a pet turtle called Gummy, still, I haven't made a turtle robot

PPPPPPPPPS: I will make a turtle robot

PPPPPPPPPPS: I'll stop now, I promise

PPPPPPPPPPPS: I crossed my fingers before saying I promise

PPPPPPPPPPPPS: Post post post post post post post post post post post post scriptum, I'm done now, my fingers hurt a bit, ouch

just imagine if you had put all the periods in between the p's xD

p.s. scisne? eugapae! quid agis? responde!

(Edited 1 time)

and, if it's even possible, how would a Psychrolutes marcidus automaton look? xD

p.s. good luck

p.p.s. you'll need it

p.p.a.p.s. tempta!

My mother studies Latin, but I don't know that much, so please...


(Edited 1 time)

The new Automaton from the robots, they managed to mix a turtle... and a bunch of guns, and virus bombs... the result is the Gummy (Based on real-life Gummy)

Awwww... it has a cute tail...

This enemy is a miniboss, like Spidertron, it's weak spot is the head, which when attacked, will make the automaton retreat onto her shell, and put out machine guns for the first hit, and mini missile launchers on the second one, through the limb holes, it'll then spin around and shoot everywhere, it must be hit three times to be defeated.

It's attacks outside of the shell include the two guns on the top, which are an Ion Minigun, and a rocket launcher (Full sized this time), it also has a charge attack, where, if you get too close to its head, it will hide it, and charge at you (Kind of like real-life Gummy, if you tickle her head too much), knocking you down, and making you an easy target for the guns, so you have to approach from the side, its most unique attack is the viral bomb, it will randomly drop viral bombs around the arena, those mess you in some way, either reversing your controls, or making you attack uncontrollably, or just damaging you.

Full name: MK7 "Gummy" Heavy Bunker Automaton

Also, a free Gummy picture:

She's cute :3

(Edited 1 time)

I have to admit that I spent more time looking at Gummy to build this, than actually building this, I'll use this reply as a teaser.

The next enemy will be a robot (Not automaton), and it will have a halberd