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Zero G Mode

A topic by PyroManiac019 created Nov 29, 2016 Views: 271 Replies: 9
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This idea just popped into my head a few minutes ago, so I haven't thought about this a lot.

A zero G mode in a boxed arena would be pretty cool. When you jump, you just don't land back. When you come close to any of the six surfaces, your robot automatically adjusts to be perpendicular to that surface and you land there. (Might need to implement some air thrusters like real spacecrafts have for micro adjustments in flight)

Dunno, seemed pretty awesome to be in a zero G environment with arrows coming at you from literally all directions and you have to jump surface to surface. The game mentioned going to human outposts to eradicate them, maybe they had a bit of fighting fun on the ship while traveling.

I like this idea! The jump pads in the upcoming update might scratch some of this itch. :)

oh so that was what that bigger death cube thing was for. also change the other pillars to look like the ones in the update

I did in that level with the pillars. :)

Jumping pads? the "November" update or the december one?

The one that launches on Friday! (which is in December)

ok I just was surprised because I haven't heard anything about them yet :)

doborog, what is your highest level so far?

I'm not sure. I often play the game more to check if some particular feature works or not, as opposed to ruthlessly trying to win it.

I've died in gold and diamond plenty of times when I just play it. Sometimes I get to titanium and get killed by a mark 3 swordsman on some random backswing. :)

I like the statues :)