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Hey, I just want to say this button literally changed (I would say improved) my life (I think) (not joking). I first encountered this button in 2016 (I think) and thought it's pretty funny and smart, but weirdly every time I reflect upon myself I would think of this button and it became clear to me that this has directly influenced how I think about life, happiness and belief, which makes me a very happy person for years. (I do still feel sad or other emotions if triggered, but generally I'm very happy)

Would like to hear about others if their lives are improved by this button, if any.

oh yes i should put warning on the game page

oh my god so good


Hi there seems to be some payments problem, it says "Failed to create PayPal transaction, please try again later." while purchasing other games on itch don't have this problem. Or is it possible that I purchase on steam and get a itch key or something? 

Thanks for playing!! There is a control.txt in the downloads but I think I need to put it into the build zip hh

Thanks! Please let me know if there're other issues

I think the problem is solved now, can you check again if you have time?

Actually it should be playable if you unplug the controller and use keyboard (see control.txt in the downloads) ( the keyboard controls are quite weird)

Thanks for telling me, I'm working on this right now

I really need to get some of those too

Oh I'll really appreciate if you have time! Can you remove 48-secret-january-2018make-a-defense-game-like-tower-defense1+1=3 jamminimalistic-jam-2 for me please? Thanks.

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The game is mostly making fun of the classic scene in The Room, it'll make sense if you watched the movie or the scene haha. Thanks for playing!!!

Haha thanks! The keyboard control is super weird sometimes I don't even get used to them congratulations on figuring them out . I have a control.txt in the downloads but seems like you don't need it. Yes it's based on The Room!!

Yeah the pc controls are really confusing hh, I'll try to get the controller working. Thanks for playing!!!!!

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Thanks for letting me know! It seems like a joystick problem, are you using a gamepad / joystick while launching the game? (I don't have a windows machine so I didn't test on windows sorry for inconvenience)

This is my favorite manifesto! Can I make my own Collecting Balls game?

Thank You! I think "toy status" is a good word to say what I'm trying to do.

Is it possible to leave past (unattended) jams? Just don't want it to be in the "Jams you've joined" section

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Sometimes there is no "claim steam key" section on the download page of games that provides steam key. The developer says there are steam keys available to claim but there is no "claim steam key" button in the download page. This happened to Fumiko! and Splinter Zone. It happened to Samorost 2 before but when I checked it today it has the "claim steam key" button and it's available to claim.

Yes I think it might be the website's problem, but thanks for helping me out!

I didn't see the "claim steam key" section on some of the game's (which provide steam keys) download pages

No.. My problem is that there is no "claim steam key" section and no "get steam key" button in the download page

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Thanks for replying!

Normally there's a "claim steam key" section in the download page but I didn't see it on this download page? I have the same problem with some other games that provide steam keys and I didn't see the claim steam key section in the download page. Maybe it's's problem?

Awesome game, does the purchase come with a steam key?

Hi! I purchased the game on and there's no steam key in the download page?

Thanks for replying. I've redeemed steam keys for other games but I didn't see any "Claim Steam Key" section in the download page for Samorost 2?

Doesn't have the steam key on the download page after purchase?

Does the purchase include a steam key?

Amazing game by the way

surprisingly extremely fun

surprisingly extremely fun


I normally play guitar in my band, just started making sounds for my games

So good. Is there a way to get/purchase the soundtracks?

Not a substantial demand but it just feels good to own purchased games on each platform

so good

my art