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A solitary dolphin creature creates an abstract painting by throwing a tantrum · By Marina Kittaka

Share Your Painting!

A topic by Marina Kittaka created Nov 01, 2017 Views: 883 Replies: 15
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Feel free to upload your paintings here!

Admin (1 edit) (+1)

This game is incredible, thanks for uploading it. The art is great. Sadly I had really bad performance problems so I wasn't able to complete the painting to the best of my ability. I'm on chrome 62 on linux. The game became very laggy on the painting scene, it seemed the other scenes were okay. I didn't know I could enable low quality mode until after starting the game but there was no way to do it mid-game.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks! Sorry there were performance issues!! Maybe I can add a toggle for the mode during the painting section

EDIT: I added a key (W) to "reset" the canvas, hopefully that helps!


!! I didn't realize it was a painting game until I already had it haha


Interesting little game, the art and style were great!


What a trip. Here's my painting. 

I hope the giant maternal lady likes it. Thanks  for the experience. 


my art


Thank you for this outlet!

Who are the patriots? 


The game was really creative, the visuals reminded me of Amanita Design. But I have to say that I expected the protagonist to be more clothed 😅. The ending was really wholesome and warm, by the way. On a technical level, I have to say that sometimes the game freezes while loading (I'm on Firefox 87.0 64-bit, running on Windows 10).


This was so cool! Love the collision of fleshy characters and mundane tech and I was surprisingly moved by the ending. Thanks for making it! (also love seeing how different everyone’s paintings are, I might have to try again now I know a bit more about how to “draw”)


Thanks for the response Nate!!


It somehow kept surprising me and I'm glad I stumbled onto it! The not-knowing-I'm-painting-while-painting aspect of it was especially inspiring to me.


Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed the game!

Awesome game, really enjoyed this.