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This is not highly polished, but shows off an interesting game mechanic where the player + NPCs are turn-based, but the main weapon (the football) is continuous time.

I’m very curious to hear what the community thinks. I think this makes for an interesting concept, and would like to spend some more time on it in the future to add some spit & polish.

+1 May David’s memories be with you forever.

I do not wish to burden the developer with more noise

Considering the ramifications (vulnerable players getting PTSD because they played your horror game), I think this noise is necessary :-)

Thanks, and yes: more power to itch.

Hidden Folks community · Created a new topic Steam key

I saw Hidden Folks on Steam, yet the download page doesn't have a "Claim Steam key" button. Just checking if there are plans to support it.


I saw this too. I suppose not all games support it? Perhaps check the game's FAQ for mention of Steam - they might have chosen not to be on Steam.

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I agree. I also feel claustrophobic in this environment because it never opens up into a larger open space.