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Here via Thinky Games Club #17. Awesome little game 🤌

Awesome. Everything a game should be: tight controls, juicy, nice SFX/music. Well done :) I like how the boss has signature moves that can be learnt.

I like the reduced/limited inventory slots, and only being able to hold one tool. I find it a bit tricky to craft, though: holding down middle-mouse, then clicking left button doesn’t come easily with my 10 thumbs.

Haha, thanks. I’m thinking of making a pen&paper game idea generator next 🤓

Nice! I got 15:50 on my first go <muscle arm emoji>

😂 well done, haha

Haha, brilliant - I’m glad the whole family likes it :) Now I just have to find mooooore time to work on enemy+weapon variety…

Fantastic! I love these tiny world games 😍

Hello! Thanks for the comment. I also completely forgot to upload the new levels I made afterwards, so let me know what you think :-)

Cute! I put the fish in, and the bear left the house. Not sure what to do next :)

Interesting! I finished it and saw the message and green mario pipe :)

Haha, this looks awesome.

Is this coming to Steam? I’d like to try it with Proton.

Hi Sarah! I’ve got good news: they’re not being massacred. They’re being gently bumped on the head with an arrow-looking-thing which magically turns them into a yellow gem 😂

Hi Miranda, thanks for checking in! There are actually a bunch of different enemy types at the moment, but they’re all using a Penguin sprite. I’ve changed it to have different speeds. I’m still not sure if the inertia works well, or if it will be better if enemies can turn on their heel, so to speak. (Change direction more quickly.)

Silent Dot community · Created a new topic Very nice!

Well done, Sander! It looks gorgeous, and a lot of fun so far. Will definitely get it on Android 🤠

Thanks Miranda!

Thank you!

Sarah, both your games AND your puns have my seal of approval 👍

Lol, that last level is the end screen - you’re not supposed to solve it :-) I’ll make a separate expanded version at some point. Thanks for the comments!

Brilliant 🤣

Awesome! Definitely a ❤️ for you.

Cool idea!

Delightful :-)

Thanks Sarah! I’ll add some more levels at some point :)

This looks great, Debs! I can’t wait to see what else you make in the future.

Thanks, Sander et al! I love seeing numbers go up :-) mimimi mi mi mimimi.

Hey, thanks for this. I really enjoyed the experience.

The transitions are too quick! :-) Interesting otherwise.

Nice one, and liking the Commodore Easter Egg :)

I love the art style, guys. Nicely done!

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Just chiming in that I’m also seeing this error on my game:

These headers work for me locally:

“Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy”: “same-origin”

“Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy”: “require-corp”

Newgrounds supports these headers:

Thanks for spending time on this!

This is not highly polished, but shows off an interesting game mechanic where the player + NPCs are turn-based, but the main weapon (the football) is continuous time.

I’m very curious to hear what the community thinks. I think this makes for an interesting concept, and would like to spend some more time on it in the future to add some spit & polish.

+1 May David’s memories be with you forever.

I do not wish to burden the developer with more noise

Considering the ramifications (vulnerable players getting PTSD because they played your horror game), I think this noise is necessary :-)

Thanks, and yes: more power to itch.

Hidden Folks community · Created a new topic Steam key

I saw Hidden Folks on Steam, yet the download page doesn't have a "Claim Steam key" button. Just checking if there are plans to support it.


I saw this too. I suppose not all games support it? Perhaps check the game's FAQ for mention of Steam - they might have chosen not to be on Steam.

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I agree. I also feel claustrophobic in this environment because it never opens up into a larger open space.