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Bought again on steam, keep up with your amazing work!

Hey dear :) 

I'm playing on Windows, sorry for not precising!

Oh by the way, is there a place where we can actually import maps of others (or premade ones from yourself)? I find it would help me a lot to have a place to start!

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Oh you rock!

I've tried rebooting, reinstalling... No luck! Note that I'm playing the game on Shadow but it was working well last week

Edit: the bug seems to occur only on window mode

Hello dear Master of Beautiful games!

I just tried playing around with FlowScape and I must admit I'm in love with it =) . 
See, I'm currently finishing a fantasy book and I found this game to be the perfect way to create snapshots of my world!

This beeing said, I have 1 question and 1 bug to call :) 

The question:

- Is there a way to flatten the ground? The sculpting tool makes it hard to flatten landscape and it's quite weird then when you want to add houses and road.

And the bug:

- Since today, the game is glitchy after the loading page. Black squares and colored flares keep popping on the screen, although I can play.

Cheers and congratulations for this masterpiece!!