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I'm using your tool while playing D&D to give the players an overview of the landscape they are in. A picture says more than a hundred words. It would be very nice if I could provide them with a link to view the landscape on their own computer using FlowScape. I currently create a 360 image for this, which is far better than what I had before, but one can dream ;).

I quite understand you have to choose which features to implement first and if at all. Something for version 2.x?

As far as I have noticed, saving does work, but the thumbnail isn't updated. You can force this by either restarting or using the New option in the home menu.

Did not think of that, unfortunately I'm also using the paint tool voor streets. But it's something I would not have considered by my selves. Thanks.

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I added the water to this terrain in the editor:no riverbed

This one already had water:

Great, thanks.

Apparently my skill  changed and not the tool: could be worse :)

I used the height slider and enabled water to get some water on a terrain which doesn't have this. There is water and lakes, but the riverbed is missing. The water just sits on top of the other scenery. Can I add the riverbed look to everything under the water?

I really like the church in the 360. Is it available for download and import in Flowscape?

The sculpting is remembered when reloading a save. When you start sculpting the loaded landscape, all earlier alterations reappear. Using the New option solves resets the sculpting.

Thanks for changing the sculpting tool. Not really sure what changed, but things are more fluid now.

Thx, that I do understand.

Thanks. Still don't get the fundamental difference between clicking the camera icon for an image and clicking a resolution in the map submenu.

What is the difference between using the map option to create an image and using the photo camera in the buttons on the right? One is jpg and the other png. With maps you can choose the resolution. But otherwise I can't find any differences. What am I missing?

When I create a landscape, I choose a background with care. The save remembers the chosen background, but not the rotation and whether it's rotating or not. Could you please add this in the saves?

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Thanks, that helped. For those in the same situation: ctrl-left-clicking adds the landscape you are clicking on without removing anything else. You have to check shape en colours in Flowscape 1.2 before restoring them in 1.4. This allows you to correct them to the original ones.

I've got a version 1.2 landscape which won't open properly in 1.3 or 1.4. The ground is completely missing when opened in a newer version. Is there a way to fix this?

That sorta works. I can load the save, but the screenshot/thumbnails isn't always available. Could it be it needs a save to be external overwritten? So I'm probably missing copying some resource?

Talking about save files: the background location and if it's rotating or not isn't saved. Is this intentional?

Nice scenery, I'll go looking for that church in Flowscape. My first attempt:

I've created some files on computer A, and some on computer B. How can I copy the save files between them? I've found the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\PixelForest\FlowScape\Saves location, but copying the files to that location is not enough.

Great set of extra options, thanks. The 360 Ansel support is great.

The title of your update is incorrect, 1.3 instead of 1.4 now has import.

Did some sky options change? As in, can I now choose from a different set then before?

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I had the same issue of disapearing roads. The road had moved to a different spot on the map on loading the map. 64 bits version 7. I used a maximum sized map. Not using the itch app yet since I'm on a borrowed computer. My latest save/reload worked fine by the way, so there is a variable factor somewhere.

@Zekyl, there is tooling to move items around (top right). Just float it in the air at the correct height.

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Thanks. I'm quit probably oversimplifying things, but if the sculpting sphere was changeable to a sculpting cube, it would accomplish a primitive flattening tool. That would help a lot. It's not like we're asking for the buildings to auto flatten the terrain when placed in the next version ;).

FlowScape community · Created a new topic Flatten ground

The sculpting tool is a great addition, but tries to create spheres. Is there a better way to flatten the ground? This would facilitate the placing of buildings and roads. Using the sculpting things tend to get bumpy.