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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

Flatten ground

A topic by Milmoor created 36 days ago Views: 239 Replies: 9
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The sculpting tool is a great addition, but tries to create spheres. Is there a better way to flatten the ground? This would facilitate the placing of buildings and roads. Using the sculpting things tend to get bumpy.

+1 to this. If the developer were to add basic land sculpting functions to the program, it would vastly improve the usability for the end user. Just a simple "smooth" function and "flatten" as you asked for would make it worlds better. I don't see anything in the planed development builds though, so I hope they are considering it.


Ill take a look, but no promises. 

Keep in mind that you are probably looking at Unity, skyrim, cities skylines for inspiration for terrain sculpting.

These have had multiple people developing these tools for as long as the entire time flowscape has been in development :)

One dev can only do so much.

+1 For a flatten tool. It's almost impossible to build a straight road or path as the ground will look bumpy.

Thanks for changing the sculpting tool. Not really sure what changed, but things are more fluid now.

Apparently my skill  changed and not the tool: could be worse :)

The sculpting is remembered when reloading a save. When you start sculpting the loaded landscape, all earlier alterations reappear. Using the New option solves resets the sculpting.


Sculpt has been completely rewritten for the next update

Great, thanks.

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Thanks. I'm quit probably oversimplifying things, but if the sculpting sphere was changeable to a sculpting cube, it would accomplish a primitive flattening tool. That would help a lot. It's not like we're asking for the buildings to auto flatten the terrain when placed in the next version ;).