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Let Nature Flow from your Brush · By PixelForest

Height and riverbed

A topic by Milmoor created 41 days ago Views: 159 Replies: 6
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I used the height slider and enabled water to get some water on a terrain which doesn't have this. There is water and lakes, but the riverbed is missing. The water just sits on top of the other scenery. Can I add the riverbed look to everything under the water?


Might be because its late here, but im a bit lost on your question, could you elaborate on that?

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I added the water to this terrain in the editor:no riverbed

This one already had water:


Looks like a bug. to fix, add water, then move the height slider a bit

That works, thanks.

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You could use the Paint tool and paint a riverbed. The Paint tool has a limited selection, but it might work as  in the sample below.

With careful sculpting (really careful) you can create a riverbed and paint it.
Look at the PixelForest future sculpting tool.

Did not think of that, unfortunately I'm also using the paint tool voor streets. But it's something I would not have considered by my selves. Thanks.