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I do not have Geforce Experience installed and I believe it is not required for Ansel. I do have the Game Ready driver 460.89 installed and Ansel pops up on the left side of the screen when Alt F2 is presses and disappears on Alt F2 or Esc.
I run Windows 10 Pro.

Geforce Experience is required for Nvidia video recording (Alt F9).

Ansel is not compatible with older Nvidia cards

Scroll down to see the compatible card list.


Download the 2021 version of Geforce Experience and install it.

Flowscape is not recognized as a game in Geforce Experience, but Alt-F2 does activate Ansel in side of Flowscape.
The capture type  is 360° Stereo. Not the traditional one image panorama.
Flowscape does take traditional panoramas.

I also use E-On software Vue 2016 to create panos. If I knew what you meant by jungle skies, I might be able to make one.
This is a  pano made by Vue 16 SciFi atmosphere.

and this is wetlands.

The original size is 4096 x 2048

You can use FlowScape to make the scene and use the FlowScape Pano option or if you have a Nvidia card use Ansel to make the pano.

Your saved files are in the folder you put FlowScape.
Yes, you can move the whole FlowScape folder anywhere you want.
In Windows, your saved scenes are in

Post your request on the Discord channel. There are some very good DnD people on Discord.

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Sliding the camera damping to the far right eliminates the camera overshoot.

The Pan (Middle mouse button) does not have a control, but the other camera actions can be adjusted using the setup menu.

If you hold down the right control key and turn the scroll wheel till motion stops, then nudge the control wheel a tiny bit forward. Motion is so slow to be imperceptible and the camera actions are available.

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Try holding down the right control key while turning the scroll wheel on the mouse. at one point the animation stops completely.
Unfortunately, when you release the control key, animation restarts.
The control key now acts as an on /   off for animation.
For more answers and things, co to the discord channel.

With your third hand, holding down the tab key effectively doubles the camera speed.

PixelForest has not been very active on discord. I have not seen more than two replies in a month.

The developer lives in Australia and there is a real problem there that may be occupying him.
But the developer really likes discord and yes, I feel abandoned because I also purchased FlowScape on
Discord is not my favourite place but that is where the activity is  right now.

For a tutorial you can start here.

Almost all of your questions can be answered on the FlowScape Discord channel
If you have a computer with a Nvidia card, The Geforce Experience has a very easy to use video recorder.

You certainly can import multiple objects into FlowScape and place them anywhere.
The "import"ant thing is to make sure the origin of the object is at the centre of the object  and the scale (height)  are relatively small.
I use Vue to create and export models and Blender to set the origin.
The Ortho mode (O) in FlowScape is the best way to arrange multiple objects.

Bitte schön

Ah. Jetzt verstehe ich. Der Himmel sollte ein Verhältnis von 2: 1 haben. Beispiel: 4096 x 2048.

"How big must the resolution and dimensions be to import into Heaven?"
Himmel?  Game or ...?

According to the developer, YES.

The developer prefers the discord forum . Re-post your question at

You might want to re-post your offer on discord ( .
The developer prefers that forum.

Are you using First Person to keep your camera level with the terrain?

Any objects I have imported with transparency have not been transparent.
Objects I DO NOT want transparent show transparency when rotated.
Import Mesh in FlowScape is in its infancy and you can expect problems.

I heartily agree.  I can create a Hi-Res printable scene in  FlowScape in 5-7 hours what would take me days to create and hours to render in Vue 2016 xStream.
I  now use Vue primarily to create 360° skies for FlowScape and the Vue export object to use all my Vue objects in FlowScape.

If I were to use Vue more often, the only export from FlowScape that would be useful (and probably illegal) is object export.

There is no magic key. I have gone back to version 1.5.4 and hundreds of lions. All in one form or another of a lying pose.

First Person will always fall to the level; of  the terrain. Then follow the terrain. It will move around rocks,.
FP apparently will go through other objects as though they are two dimensional paper. object.
This could be considered a big enough bug to report it.
I will try reporting it tomorrow.

I clicked through more than 30  lion varieties and never found a lion standing on its feet.
It is safe to assume, the standing lion icon is misleading.

You must move the camera into the scene so  it is over the terrain. Then First person will drop to the surface.
Move the camera and drop it with the 0 (zero) key until you hit dirt. Then you can position it so First Person rests above the ground.

If the camera is not over the terrain, it will fall into infinity.

FlowScape uses the .OBJ Wavefront format. You would use the Import function from the main menu.
The ballistas are approximately 6-7 MB.

Do you mean the ballistas or FlowScape?
If the ballistas you would use Import, I can put them on my server and you can download the zip files.
What format do you need?

Just go to the download link in the email you received. That is the link to your personal download page. Future updates will be shown with a version number and time last  updated.

I don't have a catapult, but I have a couple of ballistas.
They are static, but can be animated. The current form is OBJ, but others are available.

Two items with scroll wheel select, water falls and round transparent disk, have no other items in the selection.
What is the transparent disk that casts shadows and reflects light? Photo one
Some instructions would be welcome.

Water falls can be rotated but not scaled during placement.
The transparent disk can be scaled but not rotated during placement.
Clouds are 2D, double sided photos and Right Clicking the cloud icon does not delete the clouds.

The front page gallery tour is impressive.

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A  graphics card problem?

Right click on the clouds icon does not delete the clouds.
The text for Locked/Unlock gets smaller and smaller the farther back the object is being locked, to the point of being unreadable.
Objects behind locked objects are deleted if the locked object is selected and the Delete key is pressed.
The falling leaves (3rd icon from the top left) fall right through the terrain and do not accumulate and the paint brush is a fixed size relative to the camera position.
Nice new plants and architecture .

Pressing  the key "L" while over an object displays the word "Locked".  
This locks the object under the cursor, preventing it from being deleted.
Caution: Do not press the Delete key while the cursor is over a locked object ,as an object(s) directly behind the locked object  may be deleted.
But a bigger concern is the Lock function does not prevent imported meshes from being deleted.

The scene

The tree is locked.  

Cursor over the tree and delete pressed

Yes, that works, providing there is only one imported mesh.
If there is more than one mesh, the Import Mesh Delete deletes in the order the meshes were imported.
Not the order they were deleted.

The new, smoother,   sculpt tool works all over a terrain except the edges
The sculpt tool comes to a full stop when it reaches an edge of a terrain and refuses to lower or raise the edge.
A sculpt tool that acts on the edges of the terrain  or an option of Zero Edges would really be appreciated.

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FlowScape nicely imports ..OBJ meshes and handles them quite well.
Except when saving a scene containing imported meshes.
If you import a mesh into your scene an decide you did not want that mesh and delete it and saved the new scene, FlowScape does not remove the mesh from the scene and the mesh is right back in the scene when it is re-loaded.
I have not found a way to remove unwanted imported meshes.

The above does not apply to the built in FlowScape objects.

That is correct. The above procedure will only work with native FlowScape scenes.
Imported meshes and skies  use absolute paths.

If you  want to share  your scenes, copy the scenes "Savenn.json" to a new location
Send the scenes to your friend.
Rename one of them as   AutoSave.json  and have your friend move it to the following folder (Windows)
FlowScape 1.5,
FlowScape 1.4

Open FlowScape and load the AutoSave file from the Load menu.

Save the loaded scene in a new cell.
Repeat as required.