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No, but if you have a competition for cuteness I will submit it.

One terrain and a mesh which I did not import. The mesh accepts plants, etc. but cannot be raised or lowered.

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How do I turn off the sound and where is the falling snow hidden?
The waterfall noise is annoying when designing.

Edit: I found the snow and other weather effects under the  headphone icon.
Now how do I make the snow accumulate?

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I tried using TeamViewer on a remote FlowScape running on a HP workstation with limited success.
FlowScape loads and runs, but mouse support is minimal.
Left click (select) and middle mouse (pan)  button work and that is about all I can do. No orbit or move as the right click is inoperaive.
Part of the problem may be the use of Wacom tablets.
The mouse pointer is visible

I do not use steam or the app. I download FlowScape  from the FlowScape  page on when new version become available.
FlowScape by PixelForest

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Faster loading, Side effect? I get to read fewer tips and bon mots.
The P function (Random terrain and things) does not work, but the ? cube in the Landscape generates random terrains.
Using the 8,6,2,4 keys to move the sun , the first press on one of the keys results in a radical move of the sun from  the sun's initial position.
The developer just came back from a visit to a zoo and brought some of the animals with him/her.
The UI colour panel is new. The UI colour changes the background of the buttons, but not the text colour.
New snow controls, but snow does not fall on the mountains.
The procedural function now works with any object that does not require the scroll wheel, not just plants.
The Procedural function works across loaded scenes if you forget to press the Stop button.
To paraphrase Roger Miller "You can't roller skate in an elephant herd"

Still no way to cluster birds and insects around an object.

Imported sky rotation. If either the Sky or Camera panel is open when the sky is imported, the sky rotation slider  does not work, but the other one does.
If both panels are closed, both sky rotation sliders will work when the panel is opened. .

I apologize. Apparently objects created from STL meshes do not cast shadows when converted to OBJ.
Most non complex OBJ meshes cast shadows, although some complex meshes come in missing faces or in as multiple objects.

I really should not be trying to import the Victory.

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Imported objects still have no shadows in FS 1.5.1

FlowScape 1.5.1 has changed the location of the saved scenes.
On Windows it is now in:
You can copy the two folders Saves and screenshots to the new folder, but FS does not show them.
Just click on the cell that held the previous scene and it will load.  Then save it back to that cell.

The orbit function is back to previous versions. It is now Right Click Alt

I am using FS 1.4 V7.
I see there is a new version. 1.5 V1.

Shadows on imported meshes only appear when they are selected.  Deselect the imported mesh and the shadows disappear.

Object selected

Object deslected

Scenes saved with ice , due to global warming have the ice melted when loaded at FlowScape start.
Saved scene.

On FlowScape start.

Loaded scene after FlowScape start.

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Pressing X while in the move function to set a picot point sometimes* breaks the Right Ctrl Delete function.
The only way to recover the R Ctrl Del function is to restart FlowScape.
* The X (set pivot point) does nothing more the move the cursor and not change the pivot point.
*It also appears to disable the move, etc. functions for smoke.

On a side note, selecting the Move function sometimes disables the Alt Orbit function while in the Move function .

* Edit: Apparently there are only two pivot points. Centre and bottom. Not set a pivot point.
This works reasonably well for well defined objects, but smoke seems to be special. You can pivot smoke, but not scale it.
Pivoting smoke 90° and scaling it in the X/Y direction to give the appearance of a smoldering grass fire  does not work very well.
The smoke seems to disappear..

FlowScape community · Created a new topic Camera distance

What is the real purpose of the Camera distance?
At position 0 the scene disappears.

At pos.1 something appears.

At pos 2 the scene is back.

At any other position up to max. there is no change noticeable in the scene.

Try as I might, I cannot drop items into the water unless the Land layer is also turned on.
If I want to change the water to Ice, I cannot drop logs on to the ice without Land level being turned on.
This results in items dropped on ice falling through the ice and not laying on top.
Like wise, snow lands on the land UNDER the water / ice barrier.

Frozen water. Hard as ice.

Ice is hidden and snow at the bottom.

Logs dropped on the surface of the frozen river.

Logs fall to the bottom and not stop at the hard ice surface.

Version 7 still imports fractured 3D .OBJ objects

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Unfortunately, the Sky menu slider moves, freely back and forth but my sky has a humongous anchor tied to

The sky panel rotation slider works for the first imported sky, but any subsequent import the slider does nothing.

Interesting experiment.
I made three pano images.. One in three resolutions using :Ansel 360°, FlowScape panorama, Lightroom panorama from 10 images I took with a point and shoot camera. All were savedd as JPEG images.

The sky using the Ansel and FS panoramas. The same in all three resolutions.


The sky using the Lightroom panorama.

The Lightroom image is 10,00  x 3,600.

Other than the import  scale and  sky rotation that do not work, I could use my own skies.

The original is a JPEG and re-saved with a lower compression.  Assuming a 59MB images as being a bit too large.
I tried it with images in PNG , JPEG  and a pano in  DNG  (RAW) converted to JPEG.
The result was the same . Just different patterns of red.
I will do more experiment to-night.

Please tell my why an imported sky looks like this

from a pano made by Flowscape which looks a lot like your sample above.

The Import function is on the main menu.
Read  PixelForest's comment above on what constitutes a sky.
Not the easiest thing to create.

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You could use the Paint tool and paint a riverbed. The Paint tool has a limited selection, but it might work as  in the sample below.

With careful sculpting (really careful) you can create a riverbed and paint it.
Look at the PixelForest future sculpting tool.

Just install the latest version of Experience
Alt  Z the Experience panel

The Experience settings panel

Alt  F2 the new Ansel panel.

(2 edits)

Many new features are now part of the new Ansel.
You can now make your own high resolution movies within FlowScape  just by pressing Alt F9 to toggle recording on and off.
Use Experience to set the destination folder plus many other options including live streaming.
Reddit sample Ansel capture.

The link to the latest Experience file.

I created a proper pano sky and it loads properly.
The problem now is the Sky rotation slider does not rotate the imported sky. The slider always snaps back to its initial position.

Not even close to what I was using. I did try a perspective panorama made by ICE  that was 10,000 x  6,000.
I will try a 360° cylindrical panorama.

FlowScape community · Created a new topic Imported skies

Can you give some guidance on the dimensions for imported skies?
Anything I try to import shows only the top portion and sky rotation does not work for my imported skies.
I have tried skies 3,000 px wide up to 10,000 px without much success.

It should not be a permission thing as FlowScape is installed on the E: drive in its own folder..
Run with Admin rights.
Save scene in blank cell

Load scene just saved.

Save scene a second time.

Saved screenshot is 3.8M at 1920 including UI.

Yes, that would work except the panel icons are not updated until I close FS and restart it or I save the scene twice in the same cell.

Is there a  way of delete old scenes other than using Explorer to manually delete the saves and screenshots?

And why are some screenshots saved at screen resolution and some at screen resolution with the UI?

Closing the Settings panel.
A minor point. It can sometimes take 4-6 clicks on the X to close the Settings Panel.

The icon for rocks in the layers bar cannot be turned off. Or it does not show as being turned off.

All layers on.

All layers off.

Map files are no longer stored in the Maps folder.

Alt F2 works with a bonus, I can now Orbit with just the Alt key.

Worked twice.
I have an early morning. I will stress test it later.

Thank you

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FlowScape still loses the cursor on return from Ansel.
Unfortunately, this is repeatable, but it may take more than one jump into and out of ANSEL.
Without a cursor, the only out id Alt F4.

The bonus with V4 update  is the Map 8K is much faster and does not crash. Reducing the need for ANSEL.

FlowScape community · Created a new topic V4 update
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Hiding the UI with the space bar and restoring with the space bar does not restore the complete UI and may result in an in operable FlowScape. 

Problem fixed.
Thank you

My recorder has the option of not recording the cursor, I assume most other screen recorders would have that option.

I have no concept of the cost of other games, but FlowScape is certainly worth more than $10.00.

I would remove the hide the cursor function or make it optional. I personally have no need to hide the cursor
If I spend a lot of time in Ansel, the cursor is often missing on return To FlowScape.

Mentioning options, is it possible to save the camera options in the settings panel.