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Saving scenes with imported meshes. A bug report.

A topic by TheQCC created Aug 28, 2019 Views: 224 Replies: 2
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FlowScape nicely imports ..OBJ meshes and handles them quite well.
Except when saving a scene containing imported meshes.
If you import a mesh into your scene an decide you did not want that mesh and delete it and saved the new scene, FlowScape does not remove the mesh from the scene and the mesh is right back in the scene when it is re-loaded.
I have not found a way to remove unwanted imported meshes.

The above does not apply to the built in FlowScape objects.

Delete the mesh from the scene, open the import menu, press delete button.  Resave scene.  Should then load without the mesh.

Yes, that works, providing there is only one imported mesh.
If there is more than one mesh, the Import Mesh Delete deletes in the order the meshes were imported.
Not the order they were deleted.