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A member registered Jan 27, 2019

Recent community posts

1.  Is it possible to add a key to place the camera at ground level in the center of the landscape scene.  With ansel now enabled it would be nice to have a quick control to set the camera to center for 360 panarama.   

2.   Ground Fog.   Is it possible to add a seperate control for the density of Ground Fog,  as it is now, it seems a tad (heavy/dense/thick?).   Would like to make it sparser, and maybe adjust how high off ground it goes.       Make it a placeable object even?  So that it could be scaled, etc.

3. Pressing F8 to take a High Res Screenshot is producing a blank/grey png.  

Okay, not the program, as I rolled back to version that was working and it is doing it also.  So something in my system has went wonky.   I updated my video drivers let me try rolling them back and see what happens.

There is a bug in the sound sliders of the new release.  If you try to adjust them they slide up to max and wont stay where you try to adjust them to.