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If you used the snapshot/camera inside flowscape, your save pictures should be in the flowscape directory.  As far as I know, there is no choice to save elsewhere as of yet.

If possible (as I don't know what assets are available for free usage with unity), same request with the fish :)

Delete the mesh from the scene, open the import menu, press delete button.  Resave scene.  Should then load without the mesh.

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Did the random scene generation  (formerly "P" key) get put back in 1.5 version 2, or is it still on the to-do list?

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Will it be brought back ?  The random scene generation that is,  I really liked that feature.  Or is it gone for good now?

As stated in the title, the P key is no longer creating random scenes when pressed.   It is not doing anything at all now, best I can tell.   (Windows 1.5 version 1)

I'd have to agree with others, while unsure about how they would look close up, they look pretty nice to me in that screenshot.

Thank you for the information ,  so  many features it's hard to keep up . :D

We can import skies?  Hows that work?

1.  Is it possible to add a key to place the camera at ground level in the center of the landscape scene.  With ansel now enabled it would be nice to have a quick control to set the camera to center for 360 panarama.   

2.   Ground Fog.   Is it possible to add a seperate control for the density of Ground Fog,  as it is now, it seems a tad (heavy/dense/thick?).   Would like to make it sparser, and maybe adjust how high off ground it goes.       Make it a placeable object even?  So that it could be scaled, etc.

3. Pressing F8 to take a High Res Screenshot is producing a blank/grey png.  

Okay, not the program, as I rolled back to version that was working and it is doing it also.  So something in my system has went wonky.   I updated my video drivers let me try rolling them back and see what happens.

There is a bug in the sound sliders of the new release.  If you try to adjust them they slide up to max and wont stay where you try to adjust them to.