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Sound volume slider adjustment bug in newest release.

A topic by RLOwens created Feb 11, 2019 Views: 385 Replies: 3
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There is a bug in the sound sliders of the new release.  If you try to adjust them they slide up to max and wont stay where you try to adjust them to.


Seems to work ok here, what build are you running? Win, Mac or Linux?

Okay, not the program, as I rolled back to version that was working and it is doing it also.  So something in my system has went wonky.   I updated my video drivers let me try rolling them back and see what happens.

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well the last Nvidia driver broke Octane 4 and was giving DAZ studio iray users grief so a roll back to 417.71 like I did prob a good idea

a more general link to legacy ones you put in your specs